NOTHING PERSONAL Comes to Den Norske Opera in October

Performances will run 12 October–​2 November.

By: Sep. 22, 2023
NOTHING PERSONAL Comes to Den Norske Opera in October

Alan Lucien Øyen: Nothing Personal comes to Den Norske Opera next month. Performances will run 12 October–​2 November.

Cinematic dance theatre 

It becomes imaginative and dystopian when Alan Lucien Øyen again fuses dance and theater into striking stage images. Cinematic is a word that is often used to describe Øyen's art, and this time it is the Oscar-winning film composer Alexandre Desplat who composes the music and Solrey who conducts the Opera Orchestra. 

Fates in a desert of wood 

In Alan Øyen fashion, it changes from large tableaus until we are suddenly close to a realistic world, where hidden spaces and human destinies come to light. Those we meet are struggling to relate to the present.  

- The requirements for being human are becoming stricter: We must "do", we must "be", and it must go quickly, be fantastic and preferably an inspiration for everyone else. The dystopias of the future are about to become reality, says Øyen. 

On stage, the National Ballet's dancers and actors are in a solid wooden landscape , with scenographer Åsmund Færavaag's clear signature.  

Can we make it happen? 

There were rumors of a very special stage experience after the premiere of The Hamlet Complex Redux - and suddenly there wasn't a ticket to buy. And it's not just in Norway that it's being talked about. There were both boos and cheers after Øyen's new, all-evening performance Cri de cœur  for the prestigious ballet at the Paris Opera. 

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