GHOST THE MUSICAL - CM Performing Arts Center Non Equity Auditions

Posted: July 15, 2019
Audition Location: Oakdale, NY

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The CM Performing Arts Center will be holding Auditions for GHOST THE MUSICAL on August 5th and 6th at 7:30PM. Please prepare 16-32 bars from the show or in the style of. If you can not attend auditions, you can send a video submission to the director at PRIOR to the Auditions dates. You do not have to attend both audition dates, we simply have two dates to accommodate. ALL ROLES ARE OPEN


Director: Patrick Grossman

Choreographer: Ashley Nicastro

Musical Director: Matthew W. Surico

Stage Manager: Karen Tese




Sam Wheat (LEAD, Male, Tenor): A young banker, deeply in love with Molly. Due to a fear of things going wrong, he is unable to say the words about how he feels. Must be able to portray a wide range of emotions and expressions, especially when reappearing as a ghost. Ability to play guitar is a plus but not required


Molly Jenson (LEAD, Female, Mezzo Soprano): A young artist who is quite the opposite of Sam when it comes to conforming to life. She lives life one day at a time. Eventually she agrees to marry Sam which adds to her heartbreak when he is taken from her. Must be able to show a wide range of emotions. 


Oda Mae Brown (LEAD, Female, Mezzo Soprano): African-American. Comes from a family that all have "The Gift". She herself never experienced it and is taken back when she comes into contact with Sam's spirit. Comedic timing is a must, but must also be balanced with moments of sincerity. 


Carl Bruner (Male, Baritone): The main antagonist of the story.  A slightly less successful banker than Sam, which leads to some resentment despite being friends. When Sam notices discrepancies in some of their accounts due to a money laundering scheme orchestrated by Carl, Carl reaches out to his partner Willie to steal Sam's security codes. Must be able to switch between being sincere and likeable when with Molly, and unlikable when showing his true colors. 


Willy Lopez (SUPPORTING, Male, Spoken):  Latinx. Never had anything in his life that he earned, he just steals it. Doesn't take things seriously and has never had to face consequences to his actions. When ordered to steal Sam's wallet, he takes things too far by killing him. This leads to tension between him and Carl and their overall scheme.


Louise Brown (Female, Mezzo Soprano): Oda Mae's assistant. Very loud and proud. Strong Singer. 

Clara Brown (Female, Alto): Oda Mae's assistant. Very loud and proud. Strong Singer


Subway Ghost (FEATURED, Any Gender, Spoken): Comedic and witty character actor. He's a ghost that lives on a subway and is Sam's first encounter when "coming back to life"


Ensemble (All Genders, All Ethnicities, All Voices): Seeking a group of strong Singers and Dancers to take on various roles throughout the Ensemble. 



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