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Costume Shop Manager - Cape Fear Regional Theatre

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COMPANY: Cape Fear Regional Theatre
DATE POSTED: 2/26/2021
PHONE #: 9103234234
ADDRESS: 1209 Hay St
Fayetteville, NC 28305

Listing Information: Costume Shop Manager

Reports to: Production Manager
Time Commitment: Full-time, salary, exempt. Must be willing to work nights and weekends.
Salary range & other benefit info can be found on our website:

This position is responsible for overseeing all day-to-day shop activities including personnel, equipment, supplies, inventory, workroom and costume storage areas, local costume rentals, designing, and assisting designers. While this position reports directly to the Production Manager, Costume Shop Manager will also work closely with Artistic Director.

Job Responsibilities
General Shop Duties
• Develop and maintain weekly shop calendar
• Attend weekly Staff meetings
• Maintain inventory
• Coordinate and oversee shop volunteers
• Track both general and show specific expenses
• Maintain sewing machines and equipment
• Keep a tidy shop

Show Related Duties
• Attend production meetings
• Work with Production Coordinator on show budgets
• Prepare/assign dressing rooms (with SM) and all paperwork involved (repair sheets, laundry schedules etc.)
• Manage the wardrobe supervisor OR on shows where there is no wardrobe supervisor, take responsibility for laundering, ironing, and repairing costumes.
• Package and return any rental items
• Assist props mistress and stage crew with any fabric needs
• Assist designer. May include any or all:
o Measurements
o Making contact with renters
o Online ordering
o Shopping
o Costume stitching
o Fittings
o Alterations
o Quick rigging
o Pulling rehearsal pieces
o Pulling costume pieces
o Attending tech rehearsals
o Creating piece lists

Costume rentals, storage and donations:
• Be point of contact for costume rentals
• Pulling rentals
• Rental paperwork
• Organize and maintain stock:
o Culling costumes regularly
o Costume sales
o Accepting donations wisely

Design duties
• Coordinate/design for holiday show
o Using items from past productions
o Creating new pieces if needed
• Design summer camps
• Design other season shows as requested

Job Requirements
• Ability to work with artists and designers, anticipating the needs of each while balancing the workroom’s ability to complete the work on schedule
• Strong verbal, quantitative, and organizational skills
• Strong creative skills
• Budgetary experience
• Flexible, focused and well-organized team player
• Ability to work quickly and accurately with attention to detail
• Experience with the Microsoft suite, ability to learn other programs as needed
• Ability to prioritize and multi-task
• Must be able to climb stairs and step ladders
• Must have the ability to occasionally lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
• Must be able to tolerate exposure to common laundry chemicals
• Must be able to twist, turn, bend, and reach and work overhead
• Must be able to push and pull heavy objects
• Collaborative but should also enjoy working independently at times

To apply please submit cover letter and resume to