Hi Jakarta Production Opens New Batch for PAA MUSICAL THEATER

 Latihan akan dimulai pada 13 Januari 2024.

By: Nov. 24, 2023

Hi Jakarta Production has opened a new batch for PAA MUSICAL THEATER, classes for students grade 1 - 3.

Minimal umur 8 tahun [tidak ada maksimal]

 Latihan akan dimulai pada 13 Januari 2024
 Ciputra Artpreneur, Lotte Shopping Avenue

Program ini adalah kolaborasi resmi dengan RSL Awards, The International Certification and Examination Boards for Contemporary Arts

What you will get:
1. Learn how to act sing dance in theory and practice with syllabus from RSL Awards UK
2. Offline Learning available only for Jabodetabek
3. Final Performance
4. Personal feedback from examiners
5. Official certification for future education planning, recommendation and many more

Further Information:
087880657508 (Admin 1)
08179010818 (Admin 2)