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Sleepy Hollow Theatre Will Offer Virtual Classes This Summer

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Sleepy Hollow Theatre Will Offer Virtual Classes This Summer

Sleepy Hollow Theatre is moving its classes online this summer.a??

Every year the company offers a variety of classes from the visual arts fields and performing arts fields for children and adults. Many classes are seasonal, but they also offer a range of specialty courses.

a??Sleepy Hollow accepts paper registration for all classes, and online registration for annual classes.

Classes currently available are playwriting, musical theatre performance, and an Art of Harry Potter virtual camp.


Become a playwright and unleash a world of possibilities.

Musical Theatre Performance

Learn what musical theatre is all about. Get material suggestions, history and acting and vocal technique.

Art of Harry Potter

This virtual camp will give fans of the Harry Potter books and movies a chance to create, imagine, and connect with others. Attend a virtual sorting ceremony and take classes in charms, care of magical creature, potions, and more. Receive supply bags for the "transfiguration" art projects. Connect and learn on the "Floo Network" (zoom and pre-recorded online tutorials). Each day we will gather in the virtual great hall for announcements and a talk with the headmaster. There will be an opportunity for houses to meet via zoom, as well a chance for special organizations like the D.A. to form and meet up. Class time is set for 3 hours as this is the time frame the variety of group meetings will take place. Expect possibly a total of 30 minutes of zoom time per day. Detailed information regarding meeting times, online access, and supplies will be sent as the camp approaches.

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