UTAH SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL 2014 **Updated** - Utah Shakespeare Festival Auditions

Posted: October 5, 2013

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Utah Shakespeare Festival 2014 Ssn-EPA *UPDATED*
Utah Shakespeare Festival|Cedar City, UT

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Thursday, October 17, 2013
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Lunch break12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Minimum $883/wk
Southern Utah University
351 West University Blvd
Cedar City, UT 84720
R.Haze Conference Center Great Hall-Rm 203-SEE OTHER FOR DIRECTIONS/PARKING

Seeking actors for 2014 season. Utah Shakespeare Festival operates in a rotating reparatory schedule. All actors cast in a minimum of two (2) productions.
Two contrasting monologues - one must be Shakespeare and in verse. You are also welcome to sing a short selection of a song, if desired. Total audition time limited to 3 1/2 minutes.
Other Dates
Contract Dates:
05/07/14 – 08/30/14- Summer Season
05/07/14 – 10/18/14- Summer/Fall Season
08/11/14 – 10/18/14- Fall Season
For parking information & permit visitwww.bard.org/AuditionParkingPermit.pdf&

All types and ethnicities are welcome to audition.
David Ivers and Brian Vaughn, Artistic Directors
  • EPA Rules are in effect.
  • A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
Open call, no appointments necessary.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

Casting for all roles and understudies, unless indicated. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED.

Summer Season:June 23-August 30
-The Comedy of Errors-William Shakespeare - directed by Brad Carroll

Role Breakdown
1-Solinus-Duke of Ephesus
2-Egeon-a Merchant of Syracuse
3-Antipholus of Ephesus
4-Antipholus of Syracuse
5-Dromio of Ephesus
6-Dromio of Syracuse
7-Balthazar-a Merchant
10-Second Merchant
11-Dr. Pinch

Summer Season:June 23-August 30
-Henry IV pt. 1-William Shakespeare– directed by Brian Vaughn

Role Breakdown
1-King Henry IV
2-Prince Hal
3-John of Lancaster
4-Earl of Westmoreland
5-Sir Walter Blunt
6-Lord Northumberland
7-Earl of Wocester
8-Harry Percy
9-Sir John Falstaff
14-Owen Glendower
15-Edmund Mortimer
16-Earl of Douglas
17-Sir Richard Vernon
18-Hotspur’s Servant
20-Lady Percy
21-Lady Mortimer
22-Mistress Quickly

Roles to be doubled within Ensemble:

Summer Season:June 23-August 30
-Measure for Measure-William Shakespeare– directed by Laura Gordon

Role Breakdown
1-Vincentio-The Duke
2-Angelo-The Deputy
3-Escalus-and ancient lord
4-Claudio-a young gentlemen
5-Lucio-a fantastic
7-Thomas-a friar
8-Peter-a friar
9-Elbow-a constable
11-Pompey-tapster to Overdone
12-Abhorson-an executioner
13-Barnadine-A prisoner
14-Isabella-sister to Claudio
15-Mariana-betrothed to Angelo
16-Juliet-beloved of Claudio
17-Mistress Overdone-a Bawd
18-Francisca-a nun

Summer Season:June 23-August 30
-Into the Woods-Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim/ Book by James Lapine -directed by Jeremy Mann

Role Breakdown
1-Narrator/Mysterious Man
4-Jack’s Mother
6-Baker’s Wife
7-Cinderella’s Stepmother
10-Cinderella’s Father
11-Litte Red Ridinghood
13-Cinderella’s Mother/Granny/Giant
15-Rapunzel’s Prince
16-Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf
18-Snow White
19-Sleeping Beauty

Summer Season:June 23-August 30
-Sense and Sensibility-Jane Austin, World Premiere adaptation by Joseph Hanreddy & J.R. Sullivan – directed by Joseph Hanreddy

Role Breakdown/Character Description - Some roles may be doubled
ELINOR DASHWOOD – 19 years old, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dashwood. She is composed and self-possessed, affectionate and supportive of her family. Her composure is tested throughout the story, especially in her love for Edward Ferrars. She is consistent in her emotional support and comfort of her family, especially in the case of her younger sister Marianne.

MARIANNE DASHWOOD – 17 years old, the younger daughter in the Dashwood family. Spontaneous, impulsive, and romantically idealistic, she flings herself into an obsessed love for the charming but dangerous John Willoughby. It is Marianne’s journey from “sensibility” into sense that frames the story.

MRS. DASHWOOD – Early 40s, the generous hearted mother of Elinor and Marianne, and second wife of Henry Dashwood. Deeply interested in her daughters marrying well, she is also given to the same flights of romantic fancy that daughter Marianne exhibits in her tastes and behavior. MRS. FERRARS will double with this role.

HENRY DASHWOOD – Mid fifties, father to John Dashwood by his first marriage and to Elinor and Marianne by his second. Generous though troubled by the future financial security of his second family.

JOHN DASHWOOD – Early thirties, the only son of Henry Dashwood, born of Henry Dashwood’s first marriage. He is the sole heir to the Dashwood estate. Weak of will and easily managed by his avaricious wife, he is consistent only in his management of a diminishing financial support for the second Dashwood family.

FANNY DASHWOOD - Mid to late twenties, she is John Dashwood’s selfish and snobbish wife. She is sister to Edward and Robert Ferrars.

JOHN WILLOUGHBY – Mid twenties, he is a vividly magnetic presence, charming and energetic. He is a young man whose passion for romance – in life, literature, and in his own behavior - easily sweeps Marianne Dashwood off her feet.

EDWARD FERRARS – Mid twenties, Edward is sensible though somewhat diffident, often shy to the point of being socially awkward. When at his ease – especially with Elinor Dashwood - Edward exhibits a natural friendliness and fine sense of humor. But he bears a secret in his conflicted heart that more than threatens to undermine his chance for happiness.

ROBERT FERRARS – Early twenties, conceited and vain, he is the younger brother of Fanny and Edward.

COLONEL BRANDON – Mid thirties, he is a retired military officer and friend to Sir John Middleton. Honorable to the core, he is nonetheless a private man who is reticent to talk about his past. He is consistently gracious to the Dashwood family while privately nursing unrequited feelings for Marianne.

SIR JOHN MIDDLETON – Mid to late forties, he is a jovial but less-than-perceptive distant relation to the Dashwoods. His passions are for hunting parties and for dinner parties. Good hearted and well meaning, he often blunders socially.

LADY MIDDLETON – Mid thirties, she is wife to Sir John. Somewhat narrow minded in her views, she is the sort that spoils her children while enjoying her position in society.

MRS. JENNINGS – mid to late fifties, mother to Lady Middleton and Charlotte Palmer, she is a well-intentioned and generous woman – and a happy devotee of gossip. Now that her own daughters are married, Mrs. Jennings assigns herself the task of finding husbands for the Dashwood sisters.

CHARLOTTE PALMER – Early to mid twenties, she is a well-meaning but talkative and foolish woman who has inherited much of her mother’s gossipy manner without any hint of self-possession.

MR. PALMER – Early thirties, he is brusquely remote and self-removed from anything of interest to the rest of his family.

MISS SOPHIA GREY – Early twenties, the wealthy heiress who has decided upon John Willoughby for her husband.

ANNE STEELE – Early twenties, she is Lucy Steele’s older, unmarried sister. Intrusively chatty, she ill advisedly reveals the secret of Lucy and Edward Ferrar’s four-year engagement.

LUCY STEELE – Perhaps 20 years old, Lucy and her sister are cousins to Mrs. Jennings.
Insecure and selfish, she slyly plots against Elinor and Edward’s possible relationship and potential engagement.

Summer/Fall Season:May 7–October 18
-Twelfth Night-William Shakespeare– directed by David Ivers

Role Breakdown
2-Sir Toby Belch
3-Sir Andrew Aguecheek
12-Viola – Role is Cast
Ensemble plays Lords, Sailors, Officers, Priest

Fall Season:September 17-October 18
-Boeing Boeing- Marc Camoletti directed by Christopher Liam Moore

Roles Breakdown
1-Bernard – a Parisian bachelor
2-Robert – a friend of Bernard’s
3-Gloria – an American air hostess
4-Gabriella – an Italian air hostess
5-Gretchen – a German air hostess
6-Berthe – Bernard’s housekeeper
Fall Season:September 17-October 18
-Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure-Steven Dietz, directed by J.R. Sullivan

Roles Breakdown
1-Sherlock Holmes
2-Doctor Watson
3-Professor Moriarty
4-The King of Bohemia
5-James Larrabee (a.k.a. Godfrey Norton)
6-Irene Adler
7-Madge Larrabee (a.k.a. Marie)
8-Sid Prince

Actor 9 & 10 double as: Postboy, Clergyman, Policeman, Young Swiss Man, and others

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