THE HERO - Metropolitan Playhouse Auditions

Posted: December 30, 2013

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THE HERO - Submit for NY Appointment
Metropolitan Playhouse
New York, NY

Send To
Alex Roe, Metropolitan Playhouse
220 E 4th Street
Attn: HERO submission
New York NY10009
Director: Alex Roe
by Gilbert Emery (1921)
Please include word “Hero” in the email subject line (or on the envelope), or the e-mail may not be seen.
Seasonal Showcase Code; $500 stipend
Actors, 2 men, 1 boy, 3 women.

See breakdown.

NYC auditions will be held the week of 1/12/14.
Sides will be made available when auditions are scheduled.

If you have already submitted via Actors Access, please do not submit again.
A breakdown has been added for this notice. See below.
Other Dates
Rehearsals Begin: February 29, 2014
Performance Run: February 28 – March 30, 2014
NB: Performances include Sunday matinees each week, plus two Wednesday and Saturday matinees in the final weeks.

A prodigal son returns from the battlefields of WWI, apparently a hero of the Great War, and charms his way into the hearts of his brother’s son, wife, and ward, as well as most of the small town they now call home. But old habits die hard. A poignant play about the value of reputation and the nature of honor and sacrifice.


Andrew Lane
30s, simple, optimistic, affectionate family man, quick with a joke, and dull as a butter knife. Insurance salesman.

Oswald Lane
Late 20s, dissipated but charming, cunning, lupine, irresistible

Andy Lane
7 years old, energetic and bright


Hester Lane
Late 20s, conservative, hard-working, disappointed wife to Andy, ready for a ray of sun to let her bloom

Sarah Lane
60+, practical, judgmental, and wearied by years of self-imposed suffering

Marthe Roche
Early 20s, Belgian orphan living with an American foster family, polite, delicate, and longing for anything better than this. Must have accent.

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