RAGTIME **Revised** - 3-D Theatricals Auditions

Posted: August 1, 2014

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RAGTIME - Local ECC Dancers
3-D Theatricals | Orange County, CA
Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Chorus
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
5:30 PMMale Dancer Sign In
6:00 PMMale Dancer Call
7:30 PMFemale Dancer Sign In
8:00 PMFemale Dancer Call
LOA/COST - minimum $530/wk
3DT Rehearsal Hall
1255 N. Knollwood Circle
Anaheim, CA 92801
Parking available in our lots. Street Parking also available on Knollwood.

Please see breakdown. Contracts will be considered for all roles, except the children. Local talent preferred. **The roles of Coalhouse Walker, Jr. Evelyn Nesbit, and Sarah’s friend have been pre-cast.
Wear comfortable dance shoes; women should bring heels. Prepare a song in style of the show that shows range and acting ability. We are looking for powerful, legit musical theatre voices. Bring sheet music in correct key. The score will be provided. Please bring photo/resume. Accompanist provided.
Other Dates
Please see website for additional audition dates.
Callbacks will occur 9/2 & 9/3.
First Rehearsal Non-union:9/14/14, AEA:9/22/14
Opens:10/10/14, Closes:11/9/14

Exec Producer/Artistic Director/Director: T.J. Dawson
Musical Director/Conductor: Julie Lamoureux
Choreographer: Dana Solimando
Casting/Audition Coordinator: Amber Snead
· Chorus rules are in effect.
· A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
Sign up on the day of the audition.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

The show will be playing at Plummer Auditorium in Fullerton from10/10/14 to 10/26/14and will then be transfering to Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center for two additional weekends from11/1/14 to 11/9/14.

**The roles of Coalhouse Walker, Jr. Evelyn Nesbit, and Sarah’s friend have been pre-cast.
**Please note that the script calls for certain roles to cast as a specific ethnicity for both subject matter and for representing historic figures. If no ethnicity is indicated then we are seeking performers of any ethnic background to portray those roles.

FATHER - Male, 30-45 yrs old. Caucasian. Mother's professionally successful husband. Fancying himself an amateur explorer, he is commanding and attractive. Enjoys being the family breadwinner. Rich. Conservative. Staunch in his ways but not intentionally unkind. Must be a fantastic and gifted actor with a great voice. Baritone/Tenor (A2-F4)

TATEH - Male, 30-45 yrs old. Latvian-American. Jewish. The haggard Latvian immigrant artist, father and widower. He wears the trials and tribulations of his past on his sleeve, but remains optimistic and dreams the "American Dream" for himself and his daughter. He is deeply tormented by the loss of his wife and decides to move he and his daughter from Latvia to America for a fresh start in a world filled with opportunity. Full of genuine drive and heart. Must be a brilliant actor of great depth with a beautiful voice. Tenor (A2-F#4)

YOUNGER BROTHER - Male, 20-30 yrs old. Caucasian. Mother's younger brother. He is a young man in search of something to believe in. He should be attractive, but in an unconventional way; he’s a bit of a nerd and socially awkward with women. He is extremely smart; he works for Father at his fireworks factory and a genius at explosives. He is a lost and depressed man; dwells on the fact that he has no girlfriend or family of his own and lives with his sister and her family. Influenced greatly by Goldman's teachings and also joins Coalhouse in his protests towards discrimination. Must be a fantastic and gifted actor filled with raw emotion with an excellent and powerful voice. Baritone/Tenor with strong top (B2-F#4)

BOOKER T. WASHINGTON - Male 45-55 yrs old. African American. Incredibly intelligent educator, author, orator, Civil Rights Leader and adviser to Presidents between 1890 and 1915. He is an eloquent and articulate gentleman. A dominant figure in the Black community of the U.S. at the turn of the century. We would like to try and cast an actor that resembles him, if we can; he was described as tall and thin. Baritone (D3-Eb4)

GRANDFATHER - Male, 50-70. Caucasian. Mother's very conservative father. He is a retired professor and easily irritated by nearly everything. Speaking role, but must be able to sing well. Looking for a fantastic character actor with a great sense of dry comedy. Baritone

HARRY HOUDINI - Male, 30-35 yrs old. Hungarian-American. The famous magician escape artist who immigrated to the U.S. We are looking to cast an actor that resembles him, if possible; he was 5’6”, dark features, physically fit, etc. He had notable physical ability to get himself out of tight confined places, he stands as a symbol of the 'American Dream.' Anyone with illusionist experience is a plus, but not required. Tenor (C3-G4)

HENRY FORD – Male, to play 45-55; will consider younger to play older. Caucasian. Henry Ford was an American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production. We are looking to cast an actor that resembles him; he was 5’10”, slender build and handsome. Tenor (D3-G#4, is the minimal high note, B is preferred)

JP MORGAN – Male, 40’s-60’s. Caucasian. He was an American financier, banker, philanthropist and art collector who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time. Extremely wealthy. We are looking to cast an actor that resembles him; large build, heavier set, distinguished looking. He was technically 69 years old at the time this takes place, but we are looking for a bit younger to play older.

ADDITIONAL CHORUS MEN: 20’s-60’s. Seeking 13 additional men. All vocal ranges and ethnicities are needed, must move well; a few must be proficient and excellent dancers that sing. Additional roles not mentioned in this breakdown will be cast from this group of men. We are looking for men of all types that are excellent actors with great voices.

MOTHER - Female, 28-40 yrs old. Caucasian. The consummate wife and mother. A strong, kind woman with incredible moral fiber, who defies social norms to do the things she feels are right. Refined, intelligent, and graceful. She is accepting of others. She experiences a huge awakening in her life and we get to see her transform from a confined housewife of the time to a strong independent woman no longer afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she knows to be right. Must be an extremely gifted actress of much depth with a stellar voice; a rich and gorgeous mezzo-soprano, but must have a warm and powerful belt. Mezzo (G3-F#5)

SARAH – African-American Female, 25-40 years old. A washwoman who is adopted into Mother's home when Mother finds Sarah's baby buried alive in the garden. Sarah is beautiful and filled with a strong will to live fueled by an innocent spirit. Falls deeply in love with Coalhouse after much resistance and then she is not only betrayed by him, but left alone and pregnant. She starts the show in an extremely dark and dangerous place; so dark that she believes the best fate for her new baby is death. She and her son are saved by Mother and it is there she is found by Coalhouse who has come back a changed and better man. Together they make plans for their new family and she feels reborn. Must be an extremely gifted actress of much depth with a stellar voice. Mezzo or Lyric soprano with low range (G3-F#5)

EMMA GOLDMAN - Female, 35-45 yrs old. The Russian born radical anarchist in early 1900's New York City – Social activist. With an unapologetically demanding presence, she is a leader and powerful woman. We are seeking Russian-American/Jewish. Must be a dynamic actor and have an extremely strong presence with a huge powerhouse voice and high belt. We are seeking an actress that resembles her, if we can; she was described as short and stout, but will consider taller. Alto (Eb3-D5)

ADDITIONAL CHORUS WOMEN: 20’s-50’s. Seeking 13 additional women to play various roles. All vocal ranges needed, must move well; a few must be proficient and excellent dancers that sing. We are looking for women of all types and ethnicities that are excellent actors with great voices.

LITTLE BOY - Male, 8-12 yrs old. Caucasian. Mother and Father's son. He is open-hearted and curious with zero filter, as many young children are. He has an inexplicable clairvoyance. Never passes judgment on others. Must be an incredible and dynamic young actor who sings well and is a brilliant story teller. E4-D5 (unchanged voice)

LITTLE GIRL - Latvian-American. Female, 7-10 yrs old. Tateh's daughter. A confused and vulnerable child in a brand-new home, she is guarded and shy. Loves her father very much. Vocal range C4-D5

COALHOUSE WALKER III – African American male, around 5 yrs. old and preferably small for his age. Walk on role at end of the show. Seeking a child not timid and is ok working with other adults and children and in front of a live audience. Experience not required, but preferred. This role may be double cast.

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