MAJOR BARBARA - Pearl Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: June 13, 2014

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MAJOR BARBARA - Submit for NY Appointment
Pearl Theatre Company | New York, NY

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LORT Non-Rep
$600/week AEA minimum
Submissions from AEA members only for these appointments.

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Note: the AEA member must submit him/herself in ordered to be considered via this posting.
Other Dates
NYC Auditions held June 18, 2014 by appointment only.

1st Reh: 10/7. Runs: 11/4 - 12/14
Possible Extension to 12/21
Director: David Staller
Playwright: George Bernard Shaw
Casting: Stephanie Klapper Casting
Indicate in subject line: MAJOR BARBARA / NY APPT / AEA SUBMISSION.

When the charming weapons-manufacturer Andrew Undershaft goes toe-to-toe with his passionate daughter Barbara, a Major in the Salvation Army, over his “ill-gotten” fortune, it leads to the wager of the century. She is determined to save his soul—he is determined to open her eyes to a wider world. Their confrontation will knock their entire family’s moral compass up, down, and sideways, never to be the same again. One of Shaw’s most beloved plays, Major Barbara offers a complex, comic, and challenging look at wealth and poverty, war and peace, and a wickedly funny appraisal of what it truly means to be “moral” in our modern world.


BARBARA UNDERSHAFT (Early 20s) Female. Fiercely intelligent and free-thinking. Attractive. Lean. Medium height of no more than 5’6. Energetic. Highly focused. Must have an excellent facility with upper-class British accent. Formerly a non-contributive rich upper-class woman of society, she has found purpose in her life by giving herself completely to the Salvation Army. Rising quickly in the ranks, she has become a Major, well-known in the community, famous for her soul-raising speeches and pleas for funds to keep the Salvation Army going in return for saving the souls of the destitute. Determined to live without financial or emotional dependence upon men, but has allowed herself to become engaged to a doting professor of Greek whom she treats almost like a child.

Stephen Undershaft (early 20s) Lady Britomart's only son. Stephen is a "gravely correct young man" who takes himself and his sense of morality very seriously. Throughout the play he finds the strength to stand up to his mother and shake off his "childish habit and bachelor shyness." Upper Class British Accent.


Bronterre O'Brien “Snobby” Price (early 20s) An unemployed, and opportunistic "poser". “Sharp enough to be capable of anything in reason except honesty or altruistic considerations of any kind.” Lower Class British Accent.

Sarah Undershaft (early 20s) Barbara's younger sister, Lady Britomart’s daughter. Sarah is a society girl who is determined to embrace her worthless existence with stylish exuberance. Upper Class British Accent.


Jenny Hill (early 20s) An eager, overwrought "Salvation lass" who ardently supports the mission of the Salvation Army. Fight experience a plus. Irish Accent.

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