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FAT CAMP - The Hanna Theatre Auditions

Posted: April 27, 2011

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FAT CAMP– Equity Principal Auditions

Producers: Michael Minarik, Carl Levin and Dodger Properties Midsize (salary level pending).

Music: Matthew roi Berger

Lyrics: Randy Blair

Book: R. Blair and Timothy Michael Drucker

Dir: Casey Hushion

Mus Dir: Jason DeBord

CD: Michael Cassara Casting

1st reh: 6/13/11 (in NYC). Travel to Cleveland: 7/3. Runs at The Hanna Theatre. Closes 7/24.

Equity Principal Auditions:

Monday, May 9, 2011Actors' Equity Association Audition Center

9:30 AM - 5:30 PM165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor

Lunch from 1 - 2.New York City

Please prepare a brief, up-tempo rock/pop song (approx. 32 bars) that shows off your voice. Bring sheet music in the correct key; accompanist is provided, but may not transpose.

Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.


Note from casting personnel: “All roles are currently available.The producers anticipate making offers to actors who have appeared in previous incarnations of the show – but would like to stress that they are, currently, ACTIVELY looking for actors for all roles.”


Robert Grisetti:

Seeking actor 18+ to play 17. Robert is overweight. Extremely charismatic, charming, hilarious and individual personality. His insecurities are skillfully hidden beneath the mask of Jack Black-inspired teenage rebellion. Sent to Camp Overton against his will, he inspires the other campers to take risks via his non-conformist “I'm fine the way I am” philosophy, all the while building up a wall of lies concerning his own life. Requires an actor who possesses both excellent comedic chops and extreme emotional depth. Rock tenor.

Ashley Penrod:

Seeking actress 18+ to play 17. Ashley is beautiful, athletic, perfect. Captain of the Pennsylvania all-state cheerleading squad. The holy grail, she presents a major conflict upon unexpectedly arriving at camp. Seeking an actress with cheerleading/acrobatic experience. STRONG belter with edgy pop voice.


Woman, 40s-50s. Well-educated expert on child weight loss. Co-owner of Camp Overton. Professional, but lots of underlying quirk. SUPPORTING role, sings a bit.


Man, 40s-50s. Well-educated expert on child weight loss. Co-owner of Camp Overton. Professional, with masculine virility – but lots of underlying quirk. SUPPORTING role, sings a bit.


Seeking actrsess 18+ to play 16. Taylor is overweight. She is an outgoing girl who has spent the past year working a minimum-wage job in order to save enough money to enroll in camp. Filled with smiling, “good girl” optimism. Kind, dedicated. Has developed a precise plan of action to lose the weight she feels is holding her back, but her plans are derailed when she develops a crush on Robert. Soprano with belt.


Seeking actress 18+ to play 17. Daphne is overweight. Sassy, spunky and completely comfortable in her skin. Rich girl who likes to have a good time. Way more concerned with hooking up this summer than losing weight, and recruits Taylor to her cause. Must be extremely funny. Belter.


Seeking actor 18+ to play 16. Anshel is overweight. He’s that weirdo kid whose interjections are often met with confused silence. An oddball. Sent to camp by his overbearing mother to make friends, Anshel gets sucked into the world of Robert's rebellion. Requires a uniquely gifted comic actor. High tenor.


Seeking actor 18+ to play 17. Darnell is African American. Overweight inner-city kid. For all of his faux swagger, he is extremely shy around the ladies. Blunt, easily annoyed, but charming and secretly vulnerable. Must be extremely funny. Baritone.


Seeking actor 18+ to play 17. Brent is attractive, ripped, thin. Britta’s fraternal twin brother. Formerly a fat kid, having completely remade himself at Camp Overton over the course of a few summers. Now in great shape, he behaves like a stuck-up and conceited cliché, to the point of being lame. Seeking an extremely physical actor who has acrobatic skills and can rap. Baritone.


Seeking actress 18+ to play 17. Britta is Brent’s fraternal twin sister. If Anshel is odd, Britta is odder. Overweight, she is a returning camper. Has a retainer lisp and acne; just happens to be stuck in an unfortunate stage of adolescence. Blissfully unaware of how bizarre she truly is. Her one albatross is her newly popular twin brother. Requires a uniquely gifted comic actor. Character singer.

If unable to attend auditions, please send a hard-copy submission to ATTN: FAT CAMP, Michael Cassara Casting, 333 W. 39th Street – Suite 601A, New York, NY 10018.

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