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FAMILIAR - Yale Repertory Theatre Auditions

Posted: September 17, 2014

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FAMILIAR - Submit for NYC Appointment

Yale Repertory Theatre | New Haven, CT

Send To
Tara Rubin Casting
570 7th Avenue, Suite 401
New York NY 10018

LORT Non-Rep

NYC auditions November 2014, by appointment only

Seeking submissions from AEA members only for these appointments.
The AEA member must submit him/herself directly in order to be considered.

Mail picture and resume ASAP.

See breakdown.

Other Dates
1st reh: 12/29/14. 1st preview 1/30/15. Opens: 2/5. Closes: 2/21

World Premiere By Danai Gurira
Director: Rebecca Taichman

Artistic Dir: James Bundy
Assoc. Artistic Dir: Jennifer Kiger
Literary Mgr: Amy Boratko
Artistic Assoc: Kay Perdue
Artistic Coord: Benjamin Fainstein



“In a snowy Midwestern suburb, Marvelous and Donald are preparing for the marriage of their eldest daughter. Clashes erupt within the family when the first-generation American bride-to-be insists on observing a traditional Zimbabwean wedding ritual. Familiar is a richly funny and deeply moving new play about the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters, sisters, wives and husbands—the customs they keep, and the secrets they keep buried.”


Marvelous Chinyaramwira
50s-60s. An African (black) woman. She is the family matriarch. Leading role. She and her family live in a middle upper class suburb – perhaps Minneapolis. She is a PhD and chairs a university biochemistry department. She is poised, sophisticated and purposed, very driven by decorum and propriety, but conveniently and blissfully unaware of her own potent capabilities in impropriety when sufficiently provoked.

Donald Chinyaramwira
50s-60s. An African (black) man. Marvelous’ husband, and a partner in a law firm. He is a gentle, distinguished man. While he seems quieter than the ladies in the house, he is, we learn, no less passionate.

Margaret Munyewa
late 40s-50s. An African (black) woman. Marvelous’ youngest sister. She is a geology professor – and hides a drinking problem.

American-Zimbabwean young woman, 20s. Marvelous and Donald’s youngest daughter. She is stylish in an Erikah Badu, India Arie type of way, with a funky natural haircut and funky Afrocentric jewelry. She is a singer/songwriter and feng shui expert who lives in NYC.

American-Zimbabwean young woman, late 20s-early 30s. Marvelous and Donald’s middle daughter. Glamorous, with an easy joy and calming aura surrounding her most of the time. She exudes the essence of an ex-beauty queen, as though there is a need to always be a little ‘on’. She is the water to Nyasha’s fire. She is also the most tender hearted of all the sisters. She wears an expensive weave, as well as expensive shoes.

A Caucasian American man, Tendikayi’s fiancé, 30s. He co-founded an international non-profit, and has spent time in South Asia and western Africa. He makes valiant efforts to show that he is respectful of his fiancé’s family and heritage. He and Tendikayi are members of an active church group.

A Caucasian American man, Chris’ cousin. 20s-30s. He is in the military, where he worked on conflict resolution. He is also funny and charming. Romantically interested in Nyasha.

CAST (Marvelous and Donald’s eldest daughter)

CAST (Marvelous’ eldest sister)

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