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EVITA - Northern Stage Auditions

Posted: January 25, 2011

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Northern Stage

EVITA– Photo / Resume Request

Northern Stage (White River Junction, VT)LORT D; $566/week minimum

Artistic Director/Stage Director: Brooke Ciardelli

Choreographer: Connor Gallagher

Music Director: Adam Wachter

1strehearsal: 3/28/11. Runs: 4/15/11 – 5/8/11

NYC appointment only auditions will be held on Monday, February 7that Ripley Grier Studios.

For appointment consideration, mail or email picture and resume ASAP to:

Casting-Northern Stage

P.O. Box 4287

White River Junction, VT 05001

Deadline for submissions: February 4, 2011.

Audition time schedule:

10am-4pm Vocal Call, 4:30pm-5:00 Break, 5pm-6pm Dance Call, 6pm-7pm Vocal Call Backs

For the auditions, be warmed up and ready when the call begins. Women: bring character shoes. Men: jazz shoes. For the vocal call, prepare 16 bars of music in the style of the show. Bring sheet music; accompanist provided.Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.


Evita:Leading lady. Age range 28-35. Strong singer who dances, strong, aggressive and charismatic.

Che:Male character role. Age range 22-30. Strong singer, rock style, strong dancer, enigmatic narrator, masculine, militant, poetic.

Peron:Male lead. Age range 35-55. Strong singer, legit. Debonaire, elegant and political leader of a nation.

Magaldi:Male character role. Age range 30-45. Argentinean club singer, playing the ‘B&C’ cities.

Male & Female Ensemble: Age range 25-45. Singers with strong dance skills. All play numerous characters (mistress, Peron’s political party, tango dancers, etc.)

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