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ENTER LAUGHING - Bay Street Theatre Auditions

Posted: April 19, 2011

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ENTER LAUGHING– Equity Principal Auditions

Bay Street Theatre (Sag Harbor, NY)LORT C; $710/week minimum

Artistic Director: Murphy Davis

First Rehearsal: July 18, 2011 (rehearsals in NYC).

Tech begins Sag Harbor August 3, 2011

Runs: August 9 - September 4, 2011

Equity Principal Auditions:

Thursday, May 5, 2011 at the Actors' Equity Audition Center

9:30 AM — 5:30 PM165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor

Lunch from 1 - 2.New York, NY. Studio D

Prepare a brief uptempo song (32 bars). Bring sheet music in correct key; accompanist provided buy may not transpose.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together.


David- Kolowitz:

(Lead) –Late teen through Late 20s— David is in his late teens. Strong singer and comic timing. Although working as a delivery boy in a Machine show, David is determined to be an actor and a star. David lives in Bklyn with his parents. The show is story of coming of age romantically, emotionally and in his career dreams. (Young Ben Stiller--)

Most of the actors hired will play multiple roles in the show, especially in David’s fantasies of his life as a big Star. Characters include:

Mr. Foreman:

Kind, no nonsense owner of the small machine shop where David Works. 50s through 70s. He plays a major role in David’s story. He is a little bit confused by David’s energetic enthusiasm. This is David’s day job.


Late teens to late 20s. She is David’s solid, no nonsense girlfriend. She is devoted to David and the idea of marrying and settling down. She is loving and smart. Her songs range from the sweet and lovely to a surprising belt comedy diatribe against MEN.


50s -60s. Domineering, overblown theatrical director of a down on its heels theatre company in Manhattan. He is grand, and devoted to his life in the theatre. He, impatiently teaches David how to Act or to ‘overact.’ He also plays David’s Butler in David’s Hollywood fantasy numbers.

Angela Marlowe:

Late 20s to early 40’s. Marlowe’s Daughter and star of the theatre company. She is overly poetic and seductive. She survives on the passion of her art. She is a little boy crazy. Pre-Cougar.


David’s quirky best friend. Very devoted to David. Happy, supportive guy.


50’s -60’s David’s strong but loveable Jewish mother. Is determined to make sure David becomes a Druggist.


50s – 60s David’s caring and sensible Father. He adores David. When it comes to David’s dreams and is a little more understanding than David’s Mother about David becoming an Actor.

Miss B:

20s to late 30s—David’s dream woman. His first big crush. She is Zaftig and glamorous. She is the receptionist at the Hat Company where David makes his deliveries.

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