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END OF SUMMER - Metropolitan Playhouse Auditions

Posted: August 22, 2016

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END OF SUMMER - NYC Appointments

Metropolitan Playhouse


NYC auditions will be held beginning 8/25 by appointment only.


Tier III, approval pending; $640 Stipend


Equity and Non-Equity actors.


For consideration, email or mail/messenger picture and resume ASAP. Mark submissions END OF SUMMER / NYC APPOINTMENT SUBMISSION

Metropolitan Playhouse
220 E 4th Street
ATTN: NYC Appointment Submission
New York, NY 10009


Author: S.N.Behrman; Director: Alexander Harrington


First Rehearsal: 9/7/16; First Performance: 10/7/16; Final Performance: 11/6/16;

Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to submit.


female, 40s. Heiress to an oil fortune, she attracts many aspiring lovers/fortune-hunters. The playwright describes her as being in “in a young and quivering ecstasy of living and anticipation” and as having “a congenital and temperamental inability to face anything but the pleasantest and the most immediately appealing and the most flattering aspects of things.” She desperately needs to be loved. She lives vicariously through the intellectuals with whom she surrounds herself – both her lovers and her daughter’s friends.
female, 20s. Leonie’s daughter. She’s lived a life of luxury but wants to stand on her own two feet and have a meaningful career. She is initially ambivalent about her boyfriend, Will, but comes to realize she needs him. She is both strongly attracted to and repelled by the most mercenary of her mother’s lovers, Dr. Rice.
male, 40s-50s. Leonie’s estranged husband – they live separately but are still married. He wants to divorce Leonie, so he can remarry. He deeply cares for both Leonie and Paula. He wants Paula to live with him and his new career-oriented wife because he fears Leonie’s way of living will interfere with Paula’s desire for independence and a meaningful career. He wants this despite the fact that he knows Leonie depends on Paula. He likes Paula’s radical boyfriend even though he, himself, probably has moderate to conservative politics.
female, 60s-70s. Leonie’s mother, daughter of one of the founders of the U.S. oil industry. She has known both a hard life on the frontier and great wealth. She is tolerant and has a wry sense of humor.
male, 20s. Paula’s boyfriend, a radical without a clearly defined ideology. At the beginning at of the play, he is a college senior; after graduation, he is an unemployed journalist. He and his friend, Dennis, hope to found a radical magazine for undergraduates. He is both tempted to marry into Paula’s money and frightened that it will rob him of independence, ambition, and integrity.
male, 20s. A radical without a clearly defined ideology. At the beginning at of the play, he is a college senior; after graduation, he is an unemployed journalist. He and Will, hope to found a radical magazine for undergraduates. He is outrageous with a sharp sense of humor and loves baiting people. He has few qualms about doing whatever is necessary to start his magazine.
male, mid-30s-40s. A psychoanalyst with a Svengali-like charisma. He is a con man with the ability to spot obvious neuroses and diagnose them in a way that seems almost clairvoyant. He seduces Leonie, and, though he rejects her offer to build him a sanatorium, it seems likely they he will ultimately accept. He efficiently dispatches all other contenders for Leonie’s money and affections. He falls in love with Paula and is willing to give up Leonie for her. He is a self-made man with a supreme confidence in his own abilities. He has contempt for Will’s and Dennis’s radicalism, saying “the strong man takes power, and rides over their backs—which is all their backs are fit for.”
male, 50s-60s. Will’s father, a physicist who specializes in labor-saving technology, thereby creating “technological unemployment.” He is hard of hearing when it is convenient for him. He is one of Dennis’s favorite targets for attack, but Dr. Dexter can more than hold his own with Dennis.
male, 30s-40s. Leonie’s current, and eventually former, lover. He is the son of a legendary Russian writer based on Leo Tolstoy. Boris is “tense, jittery—a mass of jangled nerves.” Leonie is supporting him while writes a biography of his father. It turns out that he has no intention of writing the biography and that he hated his father and the “stinking, sexless pilgrims” who flocked to him.
male, 30s-50s. Leonie’s butler.

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