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DAMN YANKEES - Cabrillo Music Theatre Auditions

Posted: July 14, 2015

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Damn Yankees - Non-Req Kids Call

Cabrillo Music Theatre - Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza | Thousand Oaks, CA

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Non-Required Principal

Saturday, August 1, 2015
5:30 PM- Kids Call

Guest Artist
Guest Artist, Tier 3 Minimum - $510/wk

Hillcrest Center for the Arts
403 W. Hillcrest
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

3 A.E.A. Guest Artist contracts available, to be cast from among these roles: Joe Hardy, Lola, Applegate, Meg, Gloria, Van Buren.

Please bring picture and resume. Bring sheet music in the style of the show, and in the proper key, accompanist provided. No recorded music or a capella, please. Non-union and children please limit song to one minute. Adult roles limited to age 16 and up.

Other Dates
First Rehearsal: Non-AEA:September 8th, 2015; AEA:September 21st, 2015
Performance Dates:October 16th through 25th, 2015(9 performances)


Artistic Director: Lewis Wilkenfeld; Director: Kirsten Chandler; Choreographer: John Todd; Musical Director: Cassie Nickols; Artistic Staff will be in attendance at all auditions.
· A monitor will

notbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

By appointment only. Please call805-497-8614 ext 5.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


Performances to take place at the Kavli Theatre, Bank of America Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks, CA. There is pay for all roles for ages 18 and up. All roles are available. DIVERSITY: All ethnic types encouraged for all roles.

APPLEGATE (to play 40-60): Humorous, cynical devil, skilled actor, great comic timing. Applegate is consumed with winning the soul of Joe Boyd, and makes the deal with Joe that the play hinges on: Joe being transformed to a great baseball player for the Washington Senators, in exchange for his soul at the end of the season. Movement a plus. Must sing (Bb2-Eb4).

LOLA (to play 25 - 40): The ultimate seductress, Lola works for Applegate. She is assigned to seduce Joe and take his mind off his wife, thus fulfilling his contract and losing his soul to the devil. Deep inside, Lola has a soft heart- especially for Joe. Excellent dancer/singer/actress with comic gifts and a vulnerable heart beneath her bravado. Must dance and sing (F3-C5).

JOE HARDY (to play 18 - 30): Respectful, athletic, clean-cut, all-American baseball hero, but with the conflicted soul of a man much older. Must move and sing (Bb2-F4).

MEG BOYD (to play 40 - 60): Joe's devoted and understanding wife. When Joe disappears, she continues to hope against hope that he will return. Must sing (G3- F5).

JOE BOYD (to play 50 - 65): An aging baseball fanatic, Joe would do anything to help his beloved Washington Senators take the pennant, including selling his soul. In fact, he does strike a deal with the devil, who transforms him into a young slugger who helps win the pennant for the Senators. However, the deal also requires Joe to give up his life at the end of the season. Must sing (A2-G4).

GLORIA (to play 25 - 40): Spunky, ambitious young reporter with a love of baseball and a fearless quality. Not afraid to hang with the boys. Must move very well. Strong brassy belt voice (Bb3-Db5).

VAN BUREN (to play 40-60): The crusty, hard-working manager of the Washington Senators with great heart but no luck. Must sing well (Eb3-F4).

ROCKY, SMOKEY, VERNON (to play 18 - 40): Baseball players for the Washington Senators, varied physical types, good sense of comedy, featured in the number “Heart.” Must move well, hold harmony and sing (Eb3-Bb4).

DORIS (to play 40 - 65): Meg’s best friend. Strong character actress, any size or ethnicity, great comedic timing. Must sing, will double as singing ensemble.

SISTER (to play 30 -70): Strong character actress, any size or ethnicity, great comedic timing. Will double as singing ensemble. Must sing (Mezzo, Bb3-Eb5).

SOHOVIK, LINVILLE, HENRY, BRYANT, BOULEY, LOWE, MICKEY, LYNCH (to play ages 18-40): Ballplayers, strong dancing needed, tumbling/gymnastic ability a plus. Featured in the number “Who’s Got The Pain” with Lola. Must sing (various ranges from Bb2-A4). One of the above to double as EDDIE (Bb2-D4).

MR. WELCH (to play 40 - 65): Owner of The Washington Senators. Hard, enthusiastic, wealthy, high-strung. Must sing, doubles as singing ensemble.

THE COMMISSIONER (to play 50 - 80): Male, fun-loving alcoholic, strong character actor. Must sing, doubles as singing ensemble.

MALE and FEMALE singers who move, to play ages 30 and up, all types, to portray husbands, sports widows, etc.

FEMALE dancers who sing, to play ages 20-30, to portray a variety of roles.

CHILDREN (to play 8-12, under 4’10”) to sing and move. All children at audition will be taught a song from the show - no prepared song needed.

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