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CYMBELINE - Yale Repertory Theatre Auditions

Posted: October 4, 2015

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CYMBELINE - NYC Appointments
Yale Repertory Theatre | New Haven, CT

Send To
Tara Rubin Casting,
570 7th Ave, Suite 401
New York NY 10018
LORT Non-Rep
D; theatre paying above min: $1200/week

NYC auditions to be held on an upcoming date TBD, by appointment only.
Seeking submissions from AEA members only via this posting.
AEA members must submit themselves directly in order to be considered (no agent submissions).
See breakdown.
Other Dates
1st Reh: 2/15/16. 1st Preview 3/25/16
Opens: 3/31/16. Closes: 4/16/16
For consideration, mail picture and resume ASAP
Artistic Director - James Bundy
Associate Artistic Director - Jennifer Kiger
Literary Manager - Amy Boratko,
Artistic Associate - Kay Perdue
Cymbeline celebrates the resilience of the human spirit in the face of forces that tear apart community and family: betrayal, faithlessness, war, and death. It’s got a fantastic comic engine fueled by rash, largely testosterone-driven act-ers – some quick to take revenge because ready to believe the worst, some capable of treachery for their own profit or amusement. Of course when everyone wants to conform the world to his/her own terms, the train can easily veer toward tragedy, so the characters in Cymbeline find themselves hurtling towards the valley of Death. For those who make it through, there is rebirth and joyous reconciliation, but O it’s been a ride.
For this production, we are looking for a diverse cast of men and women. Each character will be played in the gender written, though not necessarily by an actor of that gender.
– Evan Yionoulis, Director
Female Actor. To play 20s. Royal, noble, passionate, strong, knows her own mind, a good daughter though now a disobedient one, beyond in love with Posthumus, newly married and a widow to his banishment, faithful, there's an inner light in her.
Female Actor. To play20s - early 30s. Noble but not royal, an orphan, married to Imogen, his banishment has torn him from his second family, the world says he’s married up, he feels he has to prove himself and be his own man.
Female Actor. To play 50s, 60s. The King, once a warrior, values loyalty, punishes betrayal, quick to judge, devoted to his new Queen, makes her happy by giving her what she wants and by projecting power over his daughter, his land, and even the Romans
ONE male actor to play the Queen and Belarius, ages 40s-50s:
- Queen: Relishes her royal role, cunning, knows how to get what she wants, feigns charm, props up and advances her only son, poison is her hobby. Also to play:
- Belarius: Former warrior, still physically strong, in his youth was quick to revenge, still might hold a grudge, makes up for his sins by devotedly foster fathering the sons he stole.
Male Actor. To play 30s - early 40s. Poster boy of decadent Rome, projects sexually potency, has to be the center and on top, surprisingly finds he has a conscience.
Male Actor. To play 20s - early 30s. The Queen’s loutish son, wants to cut the apron strings but then he’d have to fight his own battles, always looking for an unfair fight, sees Imogen as his meal ticket but wooing her is a lot of work.
Male Actor. To play 30s – maybe 40s. Does faithful service to Posthumus and Imogen, honest except to the wrong-headed, a good man but fallible.
Male Actor. To play 20s. Elder son to the King, stolen in childhood, reared in a cave, fit, good hunter, strong, noble, wants something more.
Female Actor. To play 20s. Younger son to the King, stolen in childhood, reared in a cave, fit, has a poetic bent, strong, noble, wants something more.
Male Actor. To play 40s, 50s. Roman ambassador and general, honorable
Probably doubles with PHILARIO:
Male Actor. To play 40s, 50s. Italian friend of Posthumus’ father, welcoming, peacemaker (Probably doubles with CAIUS LUCIUS)
Male or Female Actor. To play 40s. A Doctor, savvy reader of motives.
Also seeking suggestions, male or female, to play Gentlemen, Lords, Frenchman, Soldiers.

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