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CORIOLANUS and WALLENSTEIN - Shakespeare Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: October 1, 2012

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- Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments
Shakespeare Theatre Company (Washington, DC) LORT B+ CONTRACT: $765/week minimum
Artistic Director: Michael Kahn
Dir (Coriol): David Muse
Dir (Wallen): Michael Kahn
Author (Coriol): Shakespeare
Author (Wallen): Schilller
trans/adapted by Robert Pinksy
Casting: Jack Bowdan/ Jay Binder

1strehearsal: 1/17/13. Runs: 3/28/13 – 6/2/13 (possible extension to 6/16)

NYC auditions will be held in October/November by appointment only.
Seeking submissions fromActors' Equity Members onlyfor these auditions.

For consideration, email picture and resume to:
Please indicate in the subject line: “AEA submission” and your name and role you are submitting yourself for.

Note: Coriolanus and Wallenstein will be played in repertory. All actors will have roles in each play. ‘Coriolanus’ focuses on the struggle between the common people (plebians) and the patricians (aristocrats) during Rome’s transition from monarchy to republic. ‘Wallenstein’ deals with the life of Albrecht von Wallenstein, a Bohemian military leader and politician and a major figure of the Thirty Year’s War in the 17th Century. We are seeking a company of classically trained actors with great language skills, of all ethnicities. Doublings are tentative and may change. Everyone in Coriolanus will be ‘as cast’. The director, David Muse, explains it in this way: ‘The idea is that the cast is split in two – there are patricians and there are plebians, an equal number of each. The intent is to focus strongly on themes of class in the play. We’ll see the ensemble manipulate lights, change costumes, make sound cues etc…it’s an ensemble that functions as a huge character in the play. Everybody participates throughout the play in a wide variety of ways. But it’s all in service of a larger theme and some theatrical fun. Helps make it a play about the 99% and the 1%.’

SEEKING (roles listed first are in Coriolanus, second in Wallenstein):


Coriolanus (Caius Martius)/Swedish Captain
(30s-early 40s): CORIOLANUS: a powerful military hero, he is the protagonist of the play. Brave, fearsome in battle and extremely honorable. He is also proud, immature, inflexible, intelligent, with disdain for the common people. These faults lead to his downfall. SWEDISH CAPTAIN: a warm-spirited captain who tells Thekla of her lover’s death

1st Citizen/Bailey
(late 40s-mid 50s): BAILEY: a general, he is strong and loyal to Wallenstein but turns into a cold, vengeful killer when betrayed.

Aufidius/As Cast
(in Wallenstein) mid 30s-early 40s): AUFIDIUS: a general of the enemy army. A shrewd warrior of a man. A powerhouse and true match for Coriolanus. Preferably physically imposing (over 6 feet). Broad and strong. He is Coriolanus’ great rival but not quite equal.

(late 50s-60s): MENENIUS: A Roman patrician and friend of Coriolanus. A senior politician who is close to retirement. He moves between the aristocrats and common people and uses his satiric wit and clever tongue to avoid conflict. OCTAVIO: A man of great political ambition, he is Wallenstein’s second in command. Intelligent and very ambitious. He schemes to be head of the country. Max’s father.

(late 20s-mid 30s): LARTIUS: is a lieutenant appointed, along with Cominius, to lead the Roman army. Note that we are playing him younger than described in script. MAX: young hero of the play, he is able to command the loyalty of the troops. Emotionally torn between love and duty. Has a sense of honor. Full of hope, but becomes disillusioned. THE ACTOR PLAYING THESE ROLES WILL ALSO UNDERSTUDY

Plebian/Count Czerny
(50s-60s): COUNT CZERNY: a general and brother-in-law to Wallenstein, married to the Countess. Ambitious, a schemer and plotter, a political animal, he wants to be important. Sophisticated and smooth.

2nd Citizen/Devereux & Grenadier
(30s-50s): DEVEREUX: is a money hungry hired assassin. Ruthless for the right price, must have comedic ability. Rough and experienced soldier/mercenary.

Senator/Harvaty & Macdonald
(mid 40s-early 60s): HARVATY: a strong-willed general n Wallenstein’s army, has a gambling problem. A weasely turncoat. Politically spineless. MACDONALD: like Devereux, a money hungry hired assassin, rough and experienced soldier/mercenary. THE ACTOR PLAYING THESE ROLES WILL UNDERSTUDY

(30s-40s): LUNDQUIST: a Swedish general who negotiates a deal with Wallenstein. THE ACTOR PLAYING THESE ROLES WILL UNDERSTUDY


(50s-60s): VOLUMNIA: Coriolanus’ mother and devoted to her son. Raised him to be a warrior and delights in his military exploits. Iron-willed, often allowed by her son to dominate him. A powerhouse matron of Rome, tough with power and strength. COUNTESS: Wallenstein’s strong-willed sister. Intelligent, conniving and extremely political.

(20s): VIRGILIA: Coriolanus’ loyal wife. THEKLA: Wallenstein’s daughter, sensitive and well meaning, not afraid to speak her mind.

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