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COMPANY - Geva Theatre Center Auditions

Posted: January 4, 2012

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COMPANY- Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments

Geva Theatre Center (Rochester, NY)LORT B; $765/week minimum

Playwright: George Furth

Music: Stephen Sondheim

Director/Musical Stager: Mark Cuddy

Casting Office: Elissa Myers Casting

Casting Director: Paul Fouquet

Casting Associate: Sarah Ruby

1stRehearsal: 4/17/12. Runs: 5/9 – 6/10/12

NYC Auditions will be held January 17-20, 2012 by appointment only.

Seeking submissions from

Actors' Equity Membersonly for these auditions.

For consideration, email picture and resume to:

Submissions received after January 11th will not be considered.

Please write in subject line: “Company/Role of _______/AEA Submission”



Female, 40s. Mezzo, Ab - high Ab . Tart-tongued, smart, trying to hold off middle-age by dieting and taking karate. Very competitive. Married to Harry.


Male, 40s. Baritone, B - high G. Hard-driving businessman with a drinking problem. Very competitive. Married to Sarah.


Female, 30s. Soprano, Bb - high B. A Southern Belle who makes everything and everyone seem alright. Married to Peter.


Male, 30s. Bari-tenor, B - high A. A risk-taking guy who works on Wall Street. Married to Susan.


Female, 30s. Soprano, Bb - high B. Quietly conservative, she tries to get stoned to join in with others but is too controlling to enjoy it. Married to David, with kids. All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to submit.


Male, 30s. Bari-tenor, B - high A. Relaxed, he has settled into a life as father and husband. Married to Jenny.


Jewish Male, 30s. Bari-tenor, B - high A. Jewish, adoring of his fiancée, Amy. He needs someone to take care of him and Amy is the one.


Female, late 40s-early 50s. Alto, low E – C. Acerbic, funny, demanding, and sexy. She is on her third husband, Larry, who is very wealthy and patient. Too smart for where she now finds herself in life, she is always looking for ways to amuse herself.


Male, 50s. Baritone, B - high G. Wealthy, successful, and stoic. He knows very well that he got the whole package when he married Joanne, and is happy to maneuver through the marriage with aplomb.


Female, late 20s. Soprano w/belt, Bb - high A. One of Robert’s girlfriends, she is young and hip – totally into the downtown scene.


Female, 35. Mezzo, Bb - high A. She is from Cape Cod and has a Boston accent. Very nice and down to earth. The woman Robert should have married.


Female, 25-32. Soprano, Bb - high G. A tall, blonde flight attendant. Very sweet and comically baffled.

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