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CLYBOURNE PARK **Revised** - Broadway Theatre TBA Auditions

Posted: February 16, 2012

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Clybourne Park

- Equity Principal Auditions / Understudies

Broadway/Production Contract $1,703/week minimum.

Producers: Jujamcyn Theaters

Author: Bruce Norris

Dir: Pam MacKinnon

CD: Alaine Alldaffer

Assoc CD: Lisa Donadio

Casting Asst: Rachel Maran

1st reh: 3/20/12. 1st preview: 3/26. Opens 4/19. Scheduled Close: On/about 9/2.

Equity Principal Auditions:

Friday, March 2, 2012Pearl Studios NYC “500”

9:30 AM – 5:30 PM500 Eighth Avenue, 12th floor

Lunch from 1 – 2.New York City

Sides will be provided at the audition. Please bring a photo and resume, stapled back-to-back.


Note:Onstage roles are cast with the actors who have played them in recent LORT and Off-Broadway productions. Seeking the following understudies:

Understudy for Russ / Dan:

AVAILABLE POSITION. Both characters are Caucasian. Russ (in Act I - 1959)

:40s - early 50s. Taciturn middle-management type who prefers to keep to himself. Intelligent, but prefers to appear otherwise. He is emotionally withdrawn – particularly since the suicide of his son some years ago – but sits atop a simmering reserve of anger. Dan (in Act II - 2009)

:Construction worker. As eager to make small talk as Russ is to avoid it. Outgoing, but oblivious to the emotional temperature of any room he enters.

Understudy for Albert / Kevin:

AVAILABLE POSITION. Both characters are African American. Albert (in Act I - 1959)

:30s-40s. Diplomatic. Husband of Francine, with whom he has a testy relationship. Very smart and good with people, but also a shrewd judge of the sincerity of people’s motives, particularly Bev’s. Kevin (in Act II - 2009)

:Investment banker. Married to Lena. Every bit as easy-going as she is uptight. Funny and very comfortable with others – a people person – but when roused to anger (as happens in the play), he loses it completely.

Understudy for Betsy / Lindseyand

Bev / Kathy:

AVAILABLE POSITION. All four characters are Caucasian. Betsy (in Act I - 1959)

:30s. Karl’s wife. Pretty. Sweet, charming. Character is deaf. Utterly gracious with others, most of whom can’t understand anything she is trying to say. She is also hugely pregnant. Lindsey (in Act II - 2009)

:Smart, highly competent, funny professional woman. Seven months pregnant; very concerned about the future home that she and Steve are attempting to build for their child. More sensitive and careful than her husband – whom she considers somewhat incompetent – but she reveals herself to be somewhat ferocious as the act goes on. Lindsey is a hearing character.

Bev (in Act I - 1959)

:40s. Russ’s wife. Optimistic, jovial, slightly naïve woman. Housewife trying desperately to go on with her life after the suicide of her only child. Her hopefulness is slowly being eroded by her husband’s pessimism. Bev is a hearing character. Kathy (in Act II - 2009)

:Lawyer hired by a younger couple (Steve and Lindsey) to negotiate the objections of a community association. Chatty, somewhat breezy woman who’d rather not be working on the weekend. Not a terribly good lawyer. Kathy is a hearing character.

Understudy for Francine / Lena:

AVAILABLE POSITION. Both characters are African American. Francine (in Act I - 1959)

:30s-40s. Stoic. The domestic worker in Russ and Bev’s house. She is polite and gracious, but in no way invested in the emotional life of the couple she works for – even though it was she who discovered their son’s suicide. Married to Albert, with whom she has a testy relationship. Lena (in Act II - 2009)

:No-nonsense professional woman. Fiercely opposed to the increasing gentrification of her neighborhood. Formal and systematic, occasionally bordering on the paranoid, and impatient with her husband Kevin’s need to ingratiate himself with others.

Understudy for Karl / Steveand

Jim / Tom / Kenneth:

AVAILABLE POSITION. All five characters are Caucasian. Karl (in Act I - 1959)

:Late 30s - 40s. Overeager, somewhat neurotic man who represents a homeowner’s association. Comes to persuade Bev and Russ not to sell their home to a black family. An apparent milquetoast, he can be relentless in his own maddening way. Married to Betsy. Steve (in Act II - 2009)

:Comfortable, well-educated, liberal-guilty, funny, but ultimately not great with people. Moving into the neighborhood with his pregnant wife, Lindsey. Assumes that he can discuss race with complete impunity, then has to back out of a painfully awkward conversation when his ideas fall flat – particularly with his wife. Jim (in Act I - 1959)

:20s-30s. The youthful minister at Russ and Bev’s church (perhaps Presbyterian). Outgoing and overly confident of his skill with others, especially as concerns Russ. Liberal; considers himself quite modern in his thinking. Tom (in Act II - 2009)

:Young lawyer hired by Kevin and Lena to represent their community association. Sharp, fast, good at his job, but would probably prefer to be elsewhere on a Saturday. Kenneth (in a flashback to Act I)

:Young ex-army junior officer who committed war crimes in Korea. We see him very briefly, before his suicide.

Casting directors’ statement: “Jujamcyn Theaters does not believe in discrimination based on color, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, disabilities, gender, or otherwise. All performers, including those of color, seniors, women, and performers with disabilities, are encouraged to audition and will be given full consideration.”

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