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CALIFORNIA SHAKESPEARE THEATER 2017 SEASON **Revised** - California Shakespeare Theater Auditions

Posted: October 24, 2016

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California Shakespeare Theater 2017 - NYC EPA **Dates Corrected in Breakdown**

California Shakespeare Theater | Berkeley, CA


Monday, October 31, 2016
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Lunch 12:30 to 1:30


LORT Non-Rep
LORT B; $861/week current min


Equity actors for various roles in the upcoming 2017 Season. Actors with local housing in the Bay Area encouraged to attend.
Specifically interested in actors with disabilities, trans & non-binary actors, and actors of color. See breakdown.


Please prepare one monologue, either contemporary or Shakespeare in verse, not to exceed 2 minutes. Please bring

TWO copies of headshot & resume, stapled together.


Actors' Equity New York Audition Center 165 West 46th Street
16th Floor
New York, NY 10036


(Please note: all personnel will be present at EPA)
Artistic Director: Eric Ting Casting Director: Clea Shapiro
Artistic Coordinator: LeeAnn Dowd


See breakdown for show dates.

EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition. An Equity Monitor will be provided.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.


By William Shakespeare Directed by Desdemona Chiang
1st rehearsal 4/25/17; 1st tech 5/18/17; 1st preview 5/24/17; Opens 5/27/16; Closes 6/18/17

(Please note: actor tracks below are tentative, but will likely reflect the following featured roles. Actors of all races are encouraged to attend.)


Female; 20s-40s. A shepherdess in Arden. Wooed by and marries Touchstone.

Female; 20s-30s. Daughter of Duke Fredrick, niece of Duke Senior, and cousin to Rosalind. Accompanies
Rosalind into exile in Arden in disguise as Aliena. Falls in love with and marries Oliver.

Duke Senior
Male, 50+. Father to Rosalind and brother of Duke Fredrick. Exiled to Arden by his brother.

Male, any age. Lord and attendant of Duke Senior. In exile in Arden. (actively seeking actors with disability for this role)
Male; 20s-30s. Older brother of Orlando. Enters Arden to find and kill Orlando. Falls in love with Celia/Aliena.
Male; 20s-30s. Younger brother of Oliver. Escapes from Oliver to Arden. Falls in love with Ganymede/Rosalind.
Female; 20s-30s. A shepherdess in Arden. Falls in love with Ganymede (Rosalind).
(Character initially presents female in context of play; actively seeking actors who are Gender
Non-Conforming, non-binary, or genderqueer) 20s-30s. Child of Duke Senior, niece of Duke Fredrick and cousin to Celia. In love with Orlando. After being exiled by Duke Fredrick to Arden with Celia, Rosalind disguises themself as Ganymede.
Male, 20s-30s. A shepherd working in Arden. In love with Phoebe
Male, 20s-40s. Court jester to Duke Senior. Falls in love with Audrey
By Tennessee Williams Directed by Lisa Portes
1st reh 6/6/17 ; 1st tech 6/29/17; 1st preview 7/5/17; Opens 7/8/17; Closes 7/30/17
Amanda Wingfield
40s-50s; light-skinned black woman. Mother of Laura and Tom. A former debutante. She is always trying to improve the lives of her children. Sells serial novel subscriptions over the phone. Overflowing with charm, and grounded in her hope for a better life.

Tom Wingfield
20s-40s; Afro-Latino/Latino man. Son of Amanda, brother of Laura, and the narrator of the play. A poet
at heart with a desire to escape from his family. Working at a warehouse, he escapes nightly to the movies. He and his mother share an intense desire to protect Laura.
Laura Wingfield
20s-30s; Afro-Latina/Latina woman; NOTE: As written, Laura has a physical disability leading her to wear leg brace and walk with a limp. Actively seeking actors with lower body physical disabilities for this role.) Daughter of Amanda, sister of Tom. Gentle and shy. She maintains a "menagerie" of miniature glass animals, and is constantly carrying the burden of her mother’s expectations.

Jim O’Connor
20s-30s; white man: The gentleman caller, workplace acquaintance of Tom's. An ambitious, gregarious
former high school sports star.
By Marcus Gardley Directed by Eric Ting
1st reh 7/11/17; 1st tech 8/3/17; 1st preview 8/9/17; Opens 8/12/17; Closes 9/3/17
(NOTE: All characters are black. This play features 20+ characters played by a cast of 9 actors.)

Breakdown for feature roles below. Additional ensemble roles TBD. Seeking actors of all ages, regardless of role.)

Character Track #1 (Male, sings)
  • Great Grand Daddy Deus: God of gods, god of the sky. Protector of Ulysses. Handsome as onyx. Older brother of Paw Sidin.
  • Super Fly Tiresias: The shagadelic prophet. Blind. Drives a Cadillac. Has an afro so big it has its own zip code. Coolestcat on this side of the continent.

Character Track #2 (Male)
  • Great Grand Paw Sidin: God of the sea, king of fish. Younger brother of Great Grand Daddy Deus. Uncle to Great Aunt Tina. Vengeful.
  • John Suitor: Nella’s love interest. Handsome man in a navy blue suit.

Character Track #3 (Female, singing required)
  • Great Aunt Tina: goddess of war. Light-skinned. Radiant. Attitudinal. Daughter of Great Grand Daddy Deus.
  • Scylla: A sea creature. A goddess that goes for blood. Seductive. Entrances men with her voice. Sister to Soul Siren.

Character Track #4 (Male)
  • Ulysses Lincoln: A vet from the Gulf War. Husband to Nella. Father to Malachi. This is his odyssey.
Character Track #5 (Female)
  • Nella Pell: Wife to Ulysses. Mother to Malachi. Deeply compassionate, fiercely loyal. When Ulysses doesn’t come homefrom the war, she must find a father figure for their son.
Character Track #6 (Male, sings)
  • Malachi: Son of Nella and Ulysses. Headstrong, independent. Without his dad around, he has trouble finding his way.
  • Poly’famous: The catalyst for Ulysses’ journey. A child caught in the middle of war. Son of Great Grand Paw Sidin.
Character Track #7

(Male, sings)
  • Artez Sabine: Husband to Alsendra Sabine. Father to Benevolence. Stranded in time on the roof of his home as the water rises.
  • The Soul Siren: Sea creature who entrances with soulful temptation. Brother to Scylla. Has 8 arms.

Character Track #8 (Female, sings)
  • Alsendra Sabine: Wife to Artez Sabine. Benevolence’s mother. Stranded in time on the roof of her home as the water rises.
  • Circe Nzinga: The great conductor. Healer. Sorceress. Majestic and commanding presence.

Character Track #9 (Female, sings)
  • Benevolence Naucissa Sabine: Daughter of Artez and Alsendra Sabine. Precocious and inquisitive. Loves stories. Guides Ulysess home.
By William Shakespeare Director TBD
1st reh 8/22/17; 1st tech 9/14/17; 1st preview 9/20/17; Opens 9/23/17; Closes 10/15/17 Casting 8 actors for all roles; breakdown TBD. Actors of all races are encouraged to attend.

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