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BOTTLES ON THE WATER - Showcase Auditions

Posted: August 27, 2013

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BOTTLES ON THE WATER... - Submit for NY Appt

Briggs and Zelt Productions|New York, NY

Send To
Briggs and Zelt Productions
400 W. 43rd Street #9E
New York NY10036

NYC auditions will be held on an upcoming date TBD.
Email or mail picture and resume by 9/6/13

$50 Stipend for Production

Actors, 3 men and 3 women, any ethnicity, for Bottles on the Water, A Night of Short Plays from Abroad

See breakdown.

Other Dates
Opens: 9/27/13. Closes; 10/4/13

Producer/Writer: Victoria Keenan-Zelt
Producer/Writer: Olivia Briggs


Young Man (18-25)
Old Man (50-70)
Kate (30) A first time mother
Rusty (30) A first time father
Mady (18-25) A young woman who is being stalked
George (18-25) A stalker
Teacher/Psychiatrist/Officer (25-35) Male or Female
Fuzzy (50) A Mime
Sarah (18-25) A bum
Lila (18-25) From the wrong side of the tracks
Alice (25-35) A workaholic
Man (25-35) Stunt performer
Henry (50-70) An exhausted husband
Elizabeth (50-70) A needy wife
Briar (18-25) A Fairy, male or female
Miranda (25-35) A primadonna
Mr. Mahoy (30-40) A Sophisticate

All actors cast will play 2-4 of the roles listed above. Miming skills are a plus.

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