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BORN YESTERDAY - Broadway Theatre TBA Auditions

Posted: January 11, 2011

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BORN YESTERDAY– Equity Principal Auditions

Broadway/Production Contract $1,653/week minimum.

Producers: Philip Morgaman, Frankie J. Grande, Anne & Vincent Caruso, James P. MacGilvray

Author: Garson Kanin

Dir: Doug Hughes

Casting: Binder Casting

1st reh: On/about 3/1/11. Opens in mid-April.

Equity Principal Auditions:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011Actors' Equity Association Audition Center

Thursday, January 27, 2011165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor

Friday, January 28, 2011New York City

9:30 AM - 5:30 PM all three days.

Lunch from 1 - 2.

Please prepare a brief comedic monologue in the style of the play.

Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.

New production of this classic, timeless American comedy. Setting: Washington, DC in 1946.

Seeking (roles are available (i.e. not yet offered and accepted) unless otherwise specified));

Ed Devery:

Early 50s. Thirty years ago, when he was secretary to a great Supreme Court justice, he was known as a young man destined for greatness. Fifteen years later, they speak of his past brilliance in law, and charitably forget that he now has but one client, Harry Brock, who might have difficulty in finding a reputable lawyer to serve him. But Ed is past caring. Brock represents over $100,000 a year, which buys plenty of the best available scotch. Attractive, but the years and the booze have taken their toll. But he still retains a glimmer of his earlier appealing looks. Protects himself with an ironic, jaundiced sense of humor.

Eddie Brock:

Late 40s - early 50s. Harry’s cousin – and servant. Wiry little streetwise mug. Knows he is dependent on Harry, and genuinely fears him, as he has seen him at his most dangerous and violent. Smart enough to know how to stay in Harry’s good graces, while at the same time having a dry sense of irony and humor about the position he is in.

Senator Norval Hedges:

Early 60s. Not a great man; merely looks like a great man. Right now he seems worried, pale and worn. He, too, is being paid by Harry to push through a bill that would allow Harry to continue his crooked business activities.

Mrs. Hedges:

Mid - late 50s. Attractive, well-groomed Washington society matron. Even though she is thoroughly embarrassed by Harry and Billie, she is experienced and skilled in maintaining a polite social front.


Early 50s. The hotel’s chambermaid. Has worked all her life in Washington, and has not failed to keep her eyes and ears open. Has seen it all and is impressed by no one, no matter how much money they have. Wry sense of humor. Actress in this role covers

Mrs. Hedges.

Assistant Hotel Manager:

Mid 50s. Total professional, as befits his position in an exclusive hotel. His job is to keep his guests happy, no matter who or what they are. Actor in this role covers

Senator Hedges.

Bellhop #1/Waiter:

Mid 30s. Actor in this track will cover

Paul Verrall.

Bellhop #3/Bootblack:

Early 50s. Actor in this track will cover

Eddie Brock.

Bellhop #3/Barber:

Early 50s. Actor in this track will cover

Harry Brock.

A Manicurist:

Mid - late 20s. Actress in this role will cover

Billie Dawn.

Male Offstage Understudy:

This position covers the following roles (all early 50s):

Ed Devery, Bellhop #1/Waiter, Bellhop #2/Bootblack, Bellhop #3/Barber, Assistant Hotel Manager.

Female Offstage Understudy:

This position covers the roles of

Helenand the

Manicurist,mid 40s.

The following roles are cast. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary.

Billie Dawn:

CAST. Mid - late 20s. Perhaps one of the greatest roles written for a comedienne. She is as full of contradictions as she is beautiful. Billie may sound and look like a New York chorus girl (which she was), but scratch the surface and you’ll find a streetwise young woman with pride, intelligence and a natural honesty far beyond her lack of any real education. Has been Harry Brock’s mistress for some time. Knows how to play Harry. If she doesn’t get what she wants, Harry doesn’t get “what he wants”. While he is blissfully unaware of his own vulgarity, he is embarrassed by Billie’s lack of social graces in Washington society. When he hires an inquisitive reporter, Paul Verrall, to smarten her up, he’s in for the surprise of his life. They are clearly attracted to one another, and she blossoms. Paul introduces her to a completely new world of art, literature and music; but most importantly, he awakens her natural intelligence, sense of justice, honesty, fairness and the need to be recognized as a human being.

Harry Brock:

CAST. Early - mid 50s. Has an imposing physical presence, but also has an undeniable, strong sex appeal. Charismatic and tenacious; self-made man. Ran a little junkyard into 50 million bucks during World War II. Supremely confident; has worked hard for everything he has achieved. Some might consider him vulgar, uneducated, dishonest and chauvinistic. Believes that money can buy him anything and anyone. His success has brought him a certain arrogant charm, which he is smart enough to know how to use when necessary – either to impress or manipulate. When cornered, his reaction takes the only form he knows – uncontrolled rage and physical violence.

Paul Verrall:

CAST. Mid - late 30s. Inquisitive reporter on the Washington staff of the “New Republic”. Pleasant-looking, presentable, alert, energetic and idealistic. Has a tendency to take things and himself too seriously. He knows this. Harry hires him to smarten Billie up and smooth her rough edges. While he certainly is 100% American male, he has never met the likes of Billie. As he awakens her desire for knowledge and self-respect, she awakens in him a desire he has never known before.

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