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BAD JEWS - Roundabout Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: April 26, 2012

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BAD JEWS - Equity Principal Auditions
Roundabout Theatre Company
New York, NY

Call Type
Equity Principal
Date of Audition
Ripley-Grier 520 (Everyone must show
government photo ID to enter building.)
520 8th Ave. (36th/37th)
New York, NY
16th Floor.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
10 AM - 6 PM
Lunch from 1:30-2:30.
> EPA Rules are in effect.
> A monitor will be provided.
Joshua Elias Harmon, Playwright;
Daniel Aukin, Director;
Carrie Gardner, Casting
Other Dates
First Reh: 9/11/12, First Preview: 10/5/12, Opens: 10/30/12, Max Run: 12/30/12.
LORT Non-Rep
$566/week minimum.
Actors (M/F). See Breakdown for details.
A breakdown has been added for this notice.
Sides will be provided at the audition. Please bring a photo and resume, stapled back-to-back.
Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


DAPHNA FEYGENBAUM (22) Jewish. Liam & Jonah’s first cousin. 2/3 body, 1/3 hair. Daphna is very connected to her Jewish heritage. She is highly opinionated and easily lets her defensiveness turn into aggression towards her opponents. Subtlety is not in her nature. Despite all of her relentless arguing the actor must have the ability to approach it from a sense of humor and wit. Must have strong comedic timing.

LIAM HABER (25) Jewish. Daphna’s cousin: his mother is the sister of Daphna’s father. Wire-rim glasses. U of Chicago Asian Studies PhD student. Former Fulbright scholar in Japan. Has as much of a sense of humor as an overdue library book. Clearly lost his tolerance for Daphna a long time ago and isn’t discreet about the way he feels.

JONAH HABER (21) Jewish. Liam’s younger brother. Sometime-UVM sophomore. Less lanky than his brother. Less brainy. More brawn. More heart. Sensitive. Doesn’t always speak up but when he does it makes a strong impact.

MELODY (24) Very clearly not Jewish. Liam’s girlfriend. She looks like someone who would have been abducted when she was nine but returned to her parents unharmed. Works for a non-profit. Very level-headed, a peacemaker, has a positive outlook on life.

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