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ARENA STAGE/SIGNATURE THEATRE 2012-13 SESASONS - Arena Stage/Signature Theatre Auditions

Posted: March 8, 2012

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Arena Stage/Signature Theatre 2012-13 Seasons

Equity Performer Auditionsin DC

Arena Stage (Washington, DC) and Signature Theatre (Abingdon, VA)

LORT B and D; $765/week and $566/week minimums

EquityPerformer (Principal and Chorus)Auditions:

Monday, March 19, 2012at the Arena Stage

AND1101 6th Street SW

Tuesday, March 20, 2012Washington, DC 20024


No appointment necessary. AEA members will be seen on a first come first serve basis.

Prepareeither: 1)a short monologue,OR 2) a short song, OR 3) a short monologue and a short song. Bring sheet music in correct key; accompanist provided but may not transpose.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together.


Arena Stage Artistic Associate/Casting: Daniel Pruksarnukul


Based on Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

Adaptation and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

Music by Frederick Lowe

Directed by Molly Smith

1st rehearsal: 10/2/12. Runs: 11/15 -1/6/13, on theFichandler Stage: LORT B


Eliza Doolittle,Freddy Eynsford-Hill,Mrs. Eynsford-Hill,Colonel Pickering,Henry Higgins,Alfred P. Doolittle,Mrs. Pearce,Zoltan Karpathy,Cockney Quartet (1st, 2nd, et al),Lady Boxington,Lord Boxington,ENSEMBLE (7-8)


Co-Productionwith Seattle Repetory Theater

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Cheryl L. West

Directed by Lisa Peterson

Runs: 11/29 – 1/6/13intheKreeger Theater: LORT B

Set in 1937 on the Panama Limited train, Pullman Porter Blues centers on three generations of African-American porters working the sleeping cars as tensions flare and the Midwest blues flavor the night.

NOTE: All casting will be handled by Seattle Repertory Theater


By David Lindsay-Abaire

Directed by Jackie Maxwell

1st rehearsal: 1/2/13. Runs: 2/7 – 3/10/13,in theKreeger Theater: LORT B


MARGARET(50s, Caucasian, Woman)

STEVIE(Late 20s, Caucasian, Man)

DOTTIE(Mid 60s, Caucasian, Woman)

JEAN(50s, Caucasian, Woman)

MIKE(50s, Caucasian, Man)

KATE(Early 30s, African-American Woman)


Written and Directed by Tazewell Thompson

1strehearsal: 2/12/13. Runs: 3/28 – 4/28/13, in theKogod Cradle: LORT D

Tazewell Thompson stitches together an insider's look at the unlikely friendship between First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln and her talented seamstress, the successful freed slave Elizabeth Keckly.


MARY TODD LINCOLN(Middle aged, Caucasian, Woman) – Well-educated, vain, vulnerable, and excitable woman with aristocratic airs.

ELIZABETH KECKLY(Late 40s-50s, African-American, Woman) – Smart, ambitious, and self-possessed attractive woman with great taste. Hard-working.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN(Mid 50s, Caucasian, Man) – 16th president of the United States. Tall, charismatic, and down to earth. Highly intelligent with the worn, weathered face of a farmer.

IVY(Early 20s, Caribbean. Woman) – Lizzie’s student. Extraordinarily beautiful with a patch over one eye. Speaks in broken English/Caribbean patois. Illiterate. Very talkative.


By Katori Hall

Directed by Robert O’Hara

1st rehearsal: 2/26/13. Runs: 4/4 - 5/12/13, in theKreeger Theater: LORT B


DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR(39, African-American, Man) - Nobel Peace Prize winning civil rights movement leader

CAMAE(20s, African-American, Woman) – Lorraine Hotel maid. Beautiful. Sassy.


By John Robin Baitz

Directed by Kyle Donnelly

1st rehearsal: 3/26/13. Runs: 5/2 – 5/26/13, on theFichandler Stage: LORT B


Polly Wyeth(60s-70s, Woman)

Brooke Wyeth(30s-40s, Woman)

Lyman Wyeth(60s-70s, Man)

Silda Grauman(60s-70s Woman)

Trip Wyeth(30s-40s, Man)


Artistic Director: Eric Schaeffer

Associate Artistic Director: Matthew Gardiner


Book by Larry L King and Peter Masterson

Directed by Eric Schaeffer

1st rehearsal:7/17/12.Runs:8/14 – 9/23/12


Mona Stangley– 35-55. Alto. Owner of The Chicken Ranch. Business woman and maternal figure to the girls who work for her. Confident but with unfulfilled dreams.

Sheriff Earl Dodd– 40-55. Baritone. Gruff, handsome sheriff with a fondness for Miss Mona.

Melvin P Thorp– 40-60. Baritone. Preacher with show business instincts parading around as a news reporter.

Mayor Rufus/Senator Winwoah –35-65. Spoken. Mayor Rufus is a local car salesman and mayor of town. Probably never imagined he’d actually have to make a decision. Senator Winwoah is a patron of the whorehouse and a former Aggie.

CJ Shruggs/Governor– 40-65. Tenor. CJ is the sidekick to the mayor and opinionated on how the town should be run. The Governor will “sidestep” any issue to keep the public happy.

Angel –25 to 35. Mezzo. A city prostitute with a son. Been through the ringer and looking to get out.

Shy –18-25. Mezzo. A sweet and shy, inexperienced farm girl, who’s looking to start her life at the Chicken Farm.

Jewel– 30-55. Mezzo. Housekeeper and confidant to Miss Mona.

Doatsy Mae– 30-50. Alto. A wise cracking waitress, who has no faith in the men in the town to get things done correctly.

Edsel Mackey-30-55. Spoken. Editor of the town newspaper. Liberal minded, but conforms to the ways of the town as to not rock the boat too much.

The Girls of the Chicken Ranch- 20-40. Lina Loou, Dawn, Ruby Rae, Beatrice, Taddy Jo, Ginger, Eloise. Great singers and dancers.

Aggie Football Players-20-25. Great singers and dancers. High testosterone jocks.


Music by Henry Krieger, Book & Lyrics by Tom Eyen

Directed & Choreographed by Matthew Gardiner

1st rehearsal:10/16/12. Runs:11/13 – 12/30/12


Curtis Taylor, Jr-Tenor. 30-45, African American. Slick businessman who becomes Dreams' manager. Seduces both Effie & Deena.

Effie Melody White-Gospel Belt. 20-35, African American. Full-figured. Lead singer of Dreams. Amazing voice and must move very well.

Deena Jones-Mezzo, Full Belt. 20-35, African American. Young, thin & beautiful member of Dreams. The Diana Ross figure. Must move very well.

James “Thunder” Early- Rock Tenor. 30-45, African American. James Brown-like star who takes on Dreamettes as backup singers. Must move very well.

Marty-Baritone. 30-45, African American. Veteran Music Agent.

Lorrell Robinson-Soprano/Belt. 20-35, African American. 3rd member of Dreams. Must move very well.

CC White- Tenor. 20-30, African American. Effie’s songwriting brother. Endearing and earnest.

Michelle Morris-Alto. 20-35, African American. Effie’s replacement. Must move very well.

Wayne-30-40, African American. Works for Curtis. Good singer and mover.

Dave-Tenor. 20-25, White Male. Sings “Cadillac Car.”

Ensemble Men- 20-40. Play multiple smaller roles. Excellent singers and dancers.

Ensemble Women- 20-40. Play multiple smaller roles. Excellent singers and dancers.


Book by Michael Stewart, Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman

Directed by Eric Schaeffer

Music Directed by James Moore

Choreographer by Karma Camp

1st rehearsal:2/12/13.Runs:3/15 – 5/18/13


Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi-40-60. Mezzo. An indefatigable meddling matchmaker of strikingly dramatic appearance; a widow in her middle years

Ernestina-25-45. A girl in need of Mrs. Levi's services

Ambrose Kemper- 17-25. A young artist seeking to marry Ermengarde.

Horace Vandergelder-40-65. Baritone. Proprietor of a Hay & Feed Store in Yonkers, N.Y. and a client of Mrs. Levi's. A widower of some means.

Ermengardge-17-20. The niece of Horace Vandergelder

Cornelius Hackl- 30-35. Baritone. Vandergelder's chief clerk

Barnaby Tucker- 17-20. Tenor. An assistant to Cornelius

Minnie Fay- 18-20. Mezzo Soprano. A young girl who works in Irene’s shop.

Irene Malloy-30-35. Soprano. A millineress with a Hat Shop near 14th Street in New York City. Mrs. Levi has introduced her to Mr. Vandergelder

Ensemble Man- 40-60. Rudolph Reisenweber, Judge and Various parts

Male Ensemble- 20-30. 5’9” – 6’; strong actors/singers/dancers. Should be a strong tapper and be able to play various roles


Book by George Furth, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Directed by Eric Schaeffer

1st rehearsal:4/23/13.Runs:5/21 – 6/30/13


Robert- 35. Baritone. Central character. Quiet observer.

April- 25-35. Mezzo. Flight attendant. A bit of an air head

Harry- 30-45. Baritone. An alcoholic with control issues.

Susan- 25-35. Mezzo. Southern belle.

Kathy- 30-40. Mezzo. Small town girl, sweet and very much in need of love

Marta- 25-35. Mezzo. Driven young woman who loves NYC.

Peter- 25-35. Baritone. Husband with homosexual tendencies

Jenny- 30-45. Soprano. Quietly manipulative. Wise.

David- 30-45. Tenor. Pot smoking. Relaxed and in control.

Amy- 25-40. Alto. Frantic and neurotic bride to be

Paul- 25-40. Tenor. Madly in love with Amy

Larry- 40-60. Tenor. Stoic, centered.

Sarah- 30-45. Alto. Crisply critical. Karate learning. Over eater.

Joanne- 40-60. Alto. Acerbic, funny and demanding.


By Christopher Shinn

Directed by Matthew Gardiner

1st rehearsal:9/10/12.Runs10/2 – 12/1/12


Kelly- 25-35. A young therapist who is dealing with the loss of her husband, both emotionally and physically.

Peter/Craig- 25-35. Twin brothers played by the same actor. Handsome and versatile actor. One is a gay Hollywood actor, the other is a Harvard graduate who serves in the military.


Adapted by Joe Calarco

Directed by Joe Calarco

1st rehearsal:1/8/13. Runs: 2/5 – 3/3/13


Four Males:20-30. Strong understanding of Shakespeare’s text, able to play multiple characters.


by Beth Henley

Directed by Aaron Posner

1st rehearsal:3/5/13.Runs4/2 – 4/28/13


Lenny Magrath-30s-40s. The oldest sister. A dutiful and caring, lonely dreamer.

Chick Boyle- 20s-30s. Sister’s cousin. A drama queen who is flamboyant and slightly vulgar.

Meg McGrath- 20s-30s. The middle sister. Artistic and wild. Unbalanced.

Babe McGrath-20s. Youngest sister. Angelic, volatile.

Doc Porter- 20s to 40s. Meg’s old boyfriend. Handsome. Sensitive and seductive.

Barnette Lloyd- 20s to 30s. Babe’s lawyer. Smart and practical

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