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ALMOST, MAINE and ROUNDING THIRD - Chenango River Theatre Auditions

Posted: March 17, 2011

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– Photo/Resume Request

Chenango River Theatre Greene, NY $230/week minimum. Theatre states, “We are not able to negotiate for Equity contracts above the minimum salary.” Housing and transportation provided.

Artistic/Managing Dir: Bill Lelbach

NYC appointment auditions will be held on April 22, 2011.

To be considered, mail one-page headshot and one-page resume(to be received by April 10)to

Chenango River Theatre

PO Box 584

Greene NY 13778

No calls please. No agent/manager submissions.

For the audition, please prepare a 1-minute monologue from a contemporary, comedic American play.

Seeking (all roles are available):

ALMOST, MAINEby John Cariani. Dir: Chris Clavelli. 1st reh: 5/23/11. Rehearses in Greene. Runs Th – Su, 6/3-6/26.

Man 1:

Track age: Late 20s - late 30s.Actor plays five roles. Role types: A real guy’s guy, but a bit of a sad-sack.Blue collar. A struggler. Former hockey player.

Man 2:

Track age: Late 20s - late 30s.Actor plays five roles.Role types: A real guy’s guy, but in a boyish way.Capable of being open, innocent and unforced. Blue collar. Capable of a smoldering, quiet anger and desperation.

Woman 1:

Track age: Mid 20s – late 30s.Actress plays four roles. Actress should be capable of being the hopeful, smitten girl-next-door in one scene, sophisticated in another.Plays the only out-of-towners in the play: a gregarious Midwesterner and a well-traveled professional who returns to the town she grew up in to reconnect with a lost love.

Woman 2:

Track age: Mid 20s – late 30s.Role types: Somewhat sad, worn woman with an innate hopefulness, kindness, strength and humor.Actress plays the woman who is the heart of Almost, Maine.

ROUNDING THIRDby Richard Dresser. Dir: Bill Lelbach. 1st reh: 6/20/11. Rehearses in Greene. Runs Th – Su, 7/8-7/31.


Late 30s–40s. Rough, blue-collar, win-at-all-costs, veteran Little League coach. His son is the star pitcher. Don is brusque, charming and driven. Pushes the boys to play hard.


Late 30s–40s. Educated. A newcomer, both to town and to the Little League. Volunteered to coach so he could have an activity with his son, who has never played before. Believes that having fun is more important than winning or losing. Doesn’t like confrontation.

EPA/Greene NY: April 21. See separate notice.

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