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ALLEGIANCE - Old Globe Theatre Auditions

Posted: March 31, 2011

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ALLEGIANCE - L.A. Photo Self submit

Old Globe Theatre|San Diego, CA

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Allegiance LA Casting / The Old Globe Theatre
PO Box 122171
San Diego CA92112


LORT Non-Rep

Please see breakdown - submit only if you are right for one or more roles.

Other Dates
Los Angeles appointment auditions will be held April 12.

Workshop Dates: June 27 – July 29 in NYC

Director: Stafford Arima
Musical Staging: Christopher Gattelli
Music and Lyrics: Jay Kuo
Book: Jay Kuo and Lorenzo Thione
Music Director: Lynne Shankel
Casting: Telsey + Company/Craig Burns

Deadline: ASAP

Please indicate in the subject line of your email:
Allegiance – LA auditions

Breakdown NOTE: “ALLEGIANCE”, is a new musical about love, loss, and heroism set against the backdrop of the Japanese American internment.


[HANNAH CAMPBELL] Female, Caucasian, 18+ to play 16. Daughter of the administrator of Heart Mountain Relocation Center, willful, spirited; struggles with her forbidden love of a young Japanese internee. Mezzo. Belt/strong mix to D. PRINCIPAL

[TATSUO OMURA] Male, Asian, 50s – 60s. Patriarch of the Omura family, father of two boys. Owner of a store, self-made, rooted in Japanese tradition but open to American ideas and ideals. Stubborn and stoic. Needs a slight Japanese accent. Lyric baritone. Low A to F# (above middle C). PRINCIPAL

[KIMIKO OMURA] Female, Asian, 40s – 50s. Mother of two sons, immigrated to U.S. from Japan at age 28. Strongly influenced by Japanese customs, deeply affected by the trauma of the family’s evacuation and internment. Needs an authentic Japanese accent. Alto/mezzo. A (below middle C) to D an octave above. PRINCIPAL

[LILY CAMPBELL/OLD HANNAH] Female, Caucasian, 40s – 50s. As Lily Campbell, loving mother and wife, initially supportive of her husband’s work as camp administrator, then more doubtful as she comes around to her daughter’s viewpoint. As Old Hannah, a woman in her 70s – 80s seeking to reconnect with a lost love. Mezzo soprano/soprano to E (10th above middle C). PRINCIPAL

[JAMES OMURA] Male, Asian, 20s. Elder of the Omura sons, baseball star and war hero, love interest of Gloria (played by Lea Salonga). Responsible, capable, and devoted to a fault. American born. High baritone to A. PRINCIPAL

[BILL CAMPBELL] Male, Caucasian, 50s. Administrator of Heart Mountain Relocation Center, married to Lily Campbell, and father to Hannah Campbell. Torn between his admiration for a Japanese boy he thinks of as a son and his duties to the camp and to his country. Classic baritone. Low Bb to F. PRINCIPAL

[FRANKIE SUZUKI] Male, Asian, 20s. Best friend to James Omura. Principled, fiery leader of the draft resistance at Heart Mountain Relocation Center who later marries Gloria (played by Lea Salonga). High baritone to G. PRINCIPAL

[MALE ENSEMBLE] Seeking Asian males, 20s – 50s; Caucasian males, 20s – 50s. Need strong singers with acting ability. ENSEMBLE

[FEMALE ENSEMBLE] Seeking Asian females, 20s – 40s; Caucasian females, late teens – 50s. Need strong singers with acting ability. ENSEMBLE

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