DON JUAN is Now Playing at Det. KGL Teater

Performances run through 29 November.

By: Nov. 27, 2023
DON JUAN is Now Playing at Det. KGL Teater

Don Juan is now playing at Det. KGL Teater. Experience Morten Hee Andersen as the ultimate seducer in Molière’s comedy Don Juan. Performances run through 29 November.

Don Juan, who always follows his heart and generously bestows his passions on such fleeting charms as overwhelming beauty, enchanted infatuation and amorous desires. With his faithful servant, Sganarelle, by his side, Don Juan is always on the run from the consequences of his actions and always on the hunt for new romances and conquests. All in the name of emancipation, for Don Juan pays no homage to rules, laws or conventions. But can life be lived without regard for others, simply following one’s every whim, or will the wrath of destiny eventually catch up?

Don Juan exposes the hypocrisy and pretence of moral guardians. But he himself is indeed the master of pretence. Can a yearning for love and romance sustain an entire life? And will selfishness and immorality lead to emancipation or to ostracism? 

Molière’s classic comedy is a portrait of charade, infatuation and deception. Don Juan is staged by the new House Director of The Royal Danish Playhouse, Anna Balslev. A physical, sensual, musical and humorous performance that revolves around the infamous Don Juan, who seduces the entire Main Stage.

Don Juan is performed in Danish.