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Theater Camp Guide
The Performing Arts Project’s Panorama Program

The Performing Arts Project’s Panorama Program Theatre Camp Guide

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1834 Wake Forest Rd
Winston-Salem,NC 27109

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Camp Type: Sleepaway
Session Length: 3 Weeks
Camp Focus: Acting, Dancing, Singing
Extra Activities: Songwriting, Clowning, Script Analysis

The Performing Arts Project’s Panorama program is a three-week summer intensive that has two profound goals in mind:

First – to study the disciplines of acting, dancing, and singing (plus songwriting, clowning, script analysis, conducting, directing, Russian movement, stand-up comedy, choreography, and many other connected fields), and to do so with exhilaration and rigor.

Second – to create art fearlessly, knowing that it’s nearly impossible to be original if you’re not prepared to be wrong. It’s uncomfortable to be wrong, but it’s important and necessary.

Panorama is designed to cultivate bravery, and collaboration, and finding out what you have to say, and doing things you’ve never done, and falling on your face, and getting up. At Panorama, you’ll experience a 360º panoramic approach to each art form (coming at it from all sides), a perspective that helps reveal your true reach as an artist.

Admission to this selective three-week residential intensive for students ages 16-25 is by audition only.