USA to Air POLITICAL ANIMALS Season Finale, 8/19

USA to Air POLITICAL ANIMALS Season Finale, 8/19

USA network's will air the shocking season finale of its hit series POLITICAL ANIMALS. Don't miss the episode this Sunday, August 19th at 10/9c! 

Sunday, August 19 – POLITICAL ANIMALS – “Resignation Day” – 10/9c – SEASON FINALE
President Garcetti throws a wrench in Elaine’s plan to resign from his cabinet. Tensions fly at the Washington Globe when Elaine’s resignation letter is leaked. Douglas decides to come clean to Elaine about his betrayal, and makes an impulsive decision. Meanwhile, an unforeseen event leaves the Hammonds—and the country—at a crossroads.
Guest stars: Adrian Pasdar, Dylan Baker, Dan Futterman, Meghann Fahy, Kristine Nielsen
Social TV: Political reporter Susan Berg provides fans an inside look at the lives of The Hammonds in The Washington Globe:

Also coming up this week on USA: 

Tuesday, August 14 – WHITE COLLAR – “Honor Among Thieves” – 9/8c

An alluring female art thief makes Neal an offer in exchange for important information about his past. But, to take her up on the Hitchcockian deal, Neal must steal a valuable piece of art from under the nose of Peter and the FBI.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Mader
Social TV: Neal’s Stash ( is a national crowd-sourcing treasure hunt inviting WHITE COLLAR fans to help track down an old score stolen from them by a rival con artist. Players compete for a chance to win weekly prizes and a grand-prize 2013 Ford Taurus

Tuesday, August 14 – COVERT AFFAIRS – “This is Not America” – 10/9c

When proprietary American technology is found in an Iranian missile, Annie (Piper Perabo) is sent to Israel where, along with Eyal Lavin (guest star Oded Fehr), she attempts to discover who leaked the technology.
Guest Stars: SaraH Clarke, Jonas Chernick, Oded Fehr, Daniella Alonso
Social TV: The Sights Unseen prequel web series ( explores the blind tech-ops expert Auggie Andersen backstory as played by Christopher Gorham.

Wednesday, August 15 – ROYAL PAINS – “It’s a Small World” – 9/8c

Undercover DEA agent Sam Chard poses as a wealthy Hamptonite while staking out a suspected drug dealer at an exotic car rally. When troubling symptoms lead her to believe she's suffering from Meth Toxicity, she calls on Hank for help
Guest stars: Pooch Hall, Kimberly Williams Paisley, Afton Williamson

Wednesday, August 15 – NECESSARY ROUGHNESS – “Might As Well Face It” – 10/9c

Dr. Dani treats a pro video gamer. Matt and Dani find there are "hidden" perks to calling it quits. Training camp is over for the Hawks and it's time for Matt and Coach to decide who will make the cut. Razor's troublesome past becomes an issue in the present and when TK tries to help him out, it becomes apparent that TK needs help too...and fast.
Guest stars: Amanda Detmer, Gaius Charles, Matt Angel, Michael O’Neill, Eve Gordon
Social TV: Each night after the east coast airing of the episode, fans can enter The Nico Files ( Viewers will open a window into the story behind the hard decisions that Nico makes and no one else on the team can.

Thursday, August 16 – BURN NOTICE – “Official Business” – 9/8c
The CIA recruits Fiona to break into a guarded safe after a civilian asset winds up in over her head with a black market entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Sam and Jesse visit a mercenary training camp in hopes of finding the whereabouts of an exceptionally skilled sniper.
Guest Stars: Angelica Celaya, Timothy V. Murphy
Social TV: See the beginnings of Michael and Fiona’s story in First Contact.

Thursday, August 16 – SUITS – “Asterisk” – 10/9c - RICK HOFFMAN’S PARENTS ARE GUEST STARS
Harvey’s tasked with closing the one person whose vote will decide Pearson Hardman’s future.
Guest stars: Gail Hoffman, Charlie Hoffman
Social TV: Suits Recruits ( will engage fans with their favorite SUITS characters as they are assigned their first case in a digital story coinciding with the on-air plot lines and office intrigue.