Shelley Morrison and Walter Dominguez Presents New Documentary

Shelley Morrison and Walter Dominguez Presents New Documentary

Shelley Morrison (Rosario on "Will and Grace") and husband WalterDominguez have completed a documentary entitled "Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery" about Walter's journey to find answers about his grandfather Emilio's (Tata) early life and possible involvement in the
Mexican Revolution. The film is about finding your roots, the border conflict in Mexico and the impact of the Mexican Revolution on the US.

It took 11 years to make the documentary. Walter's father and step grandmother who are featured in the documentary died during that time. All the 'actors' in the documentary are Walter's sisters, nieces and cousins so they too could share in the experience of getting in touch with their ancestry.

Spencer Averick who is editor on "Weaving the Past" was the editor on Sundance Grand Jury Prize and Best Director winner "Middle of Nowhere."

Shelley, who is now 76, says documentary film making has awakened hercreative process. She turns down most acting roles unless something very special and different should come along. The couple who have been married 40 years are already at work on their second documentary "Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles," a story about the history of LA from 1850-1950. (By the way, Shelley is Sephardic and grew up speaking Ladino.)

On May 18 they will host a benefit gala screening of "Weaving the Past" to benefit the soon to open Museum of Social Justice located on historic Olvera Street in Los Angeles where they both sit on the board.

"Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery is a multi-layered film that centers on uncovering mysteries in the early life of the filmmaker's remarkable Mexican-born immigrant grandfather, Reverend Emilio N. Hernandez, and fulfilling his grandfather's dying wish to locate his family of origin after a century apart. This quest reveals that his grandfather was intimately associated with important Mexican and American historic persons in the crucial years leading up to the Mexican Revolution one hundred years ago, and that he was an active participant with these people in extraordinary and heroic activities to bring social and economic justice to the people of Mexico, and to Mexican immigrants in the US Southwest."

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