New Episode of 60 MINUTES ON CNBC to Premiere 1/15

New Episode of 60 MINUTES ON CNBC to Premiere 1/15

A new episode of 60 Minutes ON CNBC will premiere on January 15, 2013.

Tuesday, 1/15/2013:

9:00 PM 60 Minutes ON CNBC #44 - HOME WRECKER

12:00 AM 60 Minutes ON CNBC #44 - HOME WRECKER


"There Goes The Neighborhood" - Is this the end of the suburban dream? The surge in the number of abandoned houses, as a result of foreclosures and mortgage debt, is threatening the modern American neighborhood. Cleveland, Ohio has a solution and that is to demolish its abandoned houses to tighten the market.

"A Hard Landing" - When the government cut federal funding to NASA, the Space Shuttle program is terminated. One of the places hit hardest was the Kennedy Space Center where over 7,000 jobs were lost and the nearby town faces a new economic reality.

"Trapped in Unemployment" - Unemployment is a vicious, never ending cycle for many of Americans. They have been out of work so long that new job prospects almost seem impossible. A new innovative program called Platform to Employment, created by Joe Carbone, seeks to reconnect the disillusioned, long-term unemployed with the workforce to end the cycle once and for all.