NYX Doorman's Real Life Job Inspires Independent Comedy Film NIGHT JOB

NYX Doorman's Real Life Job Inspires Independent Comedy Film NIGHT JOB

Sacred9films is proud to announce the release of NIGHT JOB, a new comedy starring Jason Torres, written and directed by J. Antonio. J. Antonio brought his own insights as a New York doorman to the project, as he currently works the overnight shift in the posh condominium building in New York's west side, Parc Vendome Condominiums.

The plot was inspired by two of the building's residents. The tenant who lived below was complaining to J. Antonio about the chronic noise emanating from her neighbor above. One evening in the lobby, the tension came to a head as the neighbors argued their grievances before J.Antonio's eyes. It was at that moment, listening to their heated conversation, he realized the trials (and comedies) experienced by doormen everywhere needed to be shared with the world.

NIGHT JOB is currently available on Vimeo on Demand and Amazon Video Direct. The movie follows James (Jason Torres) on his first night shift, as he desperately hopes to make a good impression to ensure a full-time position. James goes above and beyond in his duties as he tries to please the residents and guests of all walks of life around the neighborhood. NIGHT JOB also stars: Bettina Skye, award winning actor Lester Greene, Stacy Weckstein, Greg Kritikos, and many more.

View the trailer at: https://youtu.be/rBTndLV6zaw

The 83-minute feature film was shot for $35,000 in five days, using three locations. J. Antonio chose to shoot the film in black and white to honor the legendary directors who had long inspired him: Frank Capra, Billy Wilder, and Alfred Hitchcock. Antonio hopes to become a mainstay in the indie film industry. His focus will be on working-class issues surrounding identity and upward mobility. "I'm a blue-collar guy, who couldn't afford to go to the film schools or get in any of the elite clubs. I don't expect Hollywood to come running to me. So I will continue to do what I love and make low budget movies for a smaller audience. " - J. Antonio. The movie features a diverse cast, along with strong female characters. The film was inspired by true life experiences from the lives of Antonio and other New York doormen. His aim is to showcase how building service workers often operate in silence, yet their role is very important to the people who rely on them daily.

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