Hollywood's GYM Bar Hosts MAN'S GAME Film Fundraiser Tonight

"Man's Game" is hosting a fundraiser at THE GYM bar in West Hollywood tonight, January 27 from 4pm-7pm. The event will have a raffle and fun games to raise funds for the upcoming film "Man's Game." The upcoming film, MAN'S GAME written by Bob Rusch focuses on gay professional football players and the lengths they will go to protect their image.

Man's Game is set to being production in December 2012. The production is reaching out for backers through their IndieGoGo fundraiser page HERE.

Donators on the IndieGoGo Man's Game fundraiser page get numerous different choices of gifts for being a backer, from getting DVD copy, cast signed posters, tickets to the wrap party to obtain a walk on part in the film.

Man's Game, tells the story of John Hawkins, a self outed sports journalist who is doing research for his book on gay athletes. While visiting the LA Sharks franchise, he encounters 15 year middle linebacker veteran Billy Tompkins, and in doing so tells Billy about the book and why he's there. This instantly makes Billy suspicious of a certain young, flamboyant teammate Demetrius Zachs "The King of Sacks" and causes Billy to worry about team chemistry for his playoff bound team. Is Billy right? Will John find what he's looking for? Could a player be a teammate with an openly gay male in professional football? These are the question that will be answered in MANS GAME.

Bob Rusch who will be starring in Man's Game and is also the exclusive producer of the project. Rusch is best known as an actor and has a recurring role on "Sons of Anarchy" and recently guest starred on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Last year he produced the world critical premiere play "The Emancipation of Alabaster McGill", a comical farce that dealt with Gay marriage.

Bob was inspired to write this after reading a variety of stories about gay professional athletes who came out after their careers were over and the measures they took to hide their sexuality when they played. It was fascinating reading and this story came from these true life moments. Will a male professional athlete in one of the more recognized sports ever come out while playing? As a society are we ready to accept and cheer for one when he does? Are you? There are also plans for a full length feature which will further dive into this controversial topic. But not until after the short is made and presented to the world. Help us make this happen by donating to our cause. We have a great story to tell, and with your help we will bring this topic to the forefront and to those who might not want to deal with it in the first place.

This film will help, and in some cases force many to deal with these topics. Everyone across the board who's working on this project feel strongly in their support of Gay and Lesbian rights.

Please donate and help us make this movie come to life!! Visit MAN'S GAME at the IndieGoGo fundraiser page. Check out all The Details and the cool perks one will get in return for donations.

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