ESPN's Hannah Storm Returns to Work After Serious Burn Injury

ESPN's Hannah Storm Returns to Work After Serious Burn Injury

Just three weeks after suffering serious burns from a grilling accident in her home, ESPN anchor Hannah Storm returned to work yesterday as host of the 124th Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif. on New Years' Day, according to

The 'Sports Center' anchorwoman joined 'Good Morning America's Josh Elliot as host of the annual parade. Elliot gave Storm a hero's welcome at the onset saying, "The best medicine is being here with you, my friend, for the fifth year in a row."

As a result of an accident which occurred on December 11 while Storm was making dinner on her gas grill in her Connecticut home, the newswoman lost her eyebrows, eyelashes, and roughly half of her hair. At the parade, she took a moment to thank the staff of the Trauma and Burn Center at New York's Westchester Medical Center for helping her recover.

"There was an explosion and a wall of fire came at me,"Storm told the Associated Press of the accident which caused first-degree burns to her face and neck, as well as second-degree burns on her chest and hands. "I didn't see my face until the next day and you wonder how it's going to look," she told the AP. "I was pretty shocked. But my overarching thought was I've covered events with military members who have been through a lot worse than me, and they've come through. I kept thinking, 'I can do this. I'm fortunate.'"

Yesterday's Rose Parade marked Storm's first major trip outdoors since leaving the hospital. The grateful newscaster thanked her fans on Twitter for all their support, posting , "Can't begin to thank you all enough for your kindness and support. Getting ready for #RoseParade with @JoshElliottABC. Happy New Year!"

Photo courtesy of ABC