Dana Carvey Talks WAYNE'S WORLD 3 Movie


Comedian Dana Carvey has revealed that he is interested in making a third installment of the WAYNE'S WORLD film franchise. Carvey and fellow SNL castmate Mike Myers turned a regular SNL sketch into a blockbuster film in 1992 bringing in almost $200 million at the box office. In 1993, the duo teamed up again for a sequel, 'Wayne's World 2' which received mixed reviews and proved less financially successful. 

Carvey was in New York City this week to be a guest co-host on the ABC morning talk show 'Live with Kelly'. When asked by a reporter about the possiblity of making a third Wayne's World movie, the comedian replied, "You're gonna have to ask Mike [Myers]... he's pretty busy, but yeah... I'd do it if they want," 'I would star in Wayne's World 3'."

Carvey even offered a plotline for a possible sequel joking, "If they want, we can play 'em in their 50s... 'Wayne! My prostate's enlarged'."<

In addition to “SNL,” Carvey has appeared on several other television programs – in guest and starring roles – including “One of the Boys,” “Blue Thunder,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Just Shoot Me,” “The Fairly Odd Parents,” and his self-titled 1996 series, “The Dana Carvey Show,” which also featured fellow comedians Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Robert Smigel.

On the big screen, Carvey has appeared in supporting roles in “This Is Spinal Tap,” “Racing with the Moon” and “Tough Guys.” He starred in films “Opportunity Knocks,” “Wayne’s World,” “Wayne’s World 2,” “Clean Slate,” “The Road to Wellville” and “Master of Disguise.” Most recently, he had a cameo appearance in “Jack and Jill.”