CuriosityStream Announces New Series AMAZING DINOWORLD

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CuriosityStream Announces New Series AMAZING DINOWORLD

CuriosityStream, the award-winning streaming and on-demand destination from the founder of Discovery Channel, is announcing the premiere of its two-part Amazing Dinoworld original series, available starting tomorrow, October 17, only on CuriosityStream.

In co-production with NHK, the series takes viewers on a fantastic journey through the past decade of scientific discoveries - when dramatic new findings have widely broadened experts' knowledge of the dinosaur age. Based on that research, the series recreates with NHK's stunning CGI, not only what these creatures looked like, but also how they lived, fought and died.

The Mesozoic Era stands out as a time when formidable and strange creatures formed an incredibly diverse ecosystem. Over land and sea, viewers journey back to primeval Earth for a glimpse of these dinosaurs and to experience a new understanding of the prehistoric world, including:

The Feather Revolution:
It is now known that feathers were far more prevailing traits of dinosaurs than previously thought. In part one, viewers meet two distinct species of Deinocheirus and Troodon. Despite ferocious arms with huge sharp claws, Deinocheirus was a plant-eater residing in the Mongolian plateau 66 million years ago. Meanwhile, the Troodon lived in the Arctic where researchers thought dinosaurs never inhabited. Through their remarkable stories and the latest scientific research, viewers learn surprising new facts about the world of dinosaurs.

The World of Sea Monsters:
When powerful dinosaurs roamed the land, one conspicuous marine reptile dominated the oceans: Mosasaurus. Recent discoveries shed light on the mysterious sea environments of that age. Part two follows a huge-bodied Mosasaurus female and the unlikely story of her earliest land ancestor. 100 million years ago, Protomosasaurus was an obscure, small reptile living on land until she was found safety in the sea. There, her descendants took a miraculous leap and millions of years later, Mosasaurus ruled the sea just as Tyrannosaurus ruled the land. For the first time, the remarkable story of Mosasaurus unveils the most successful marine creature in the age of dinosaurs.

Amazing Dinoworld is the first in a trio of CuriosityStream original limited series produced in collaboration with longtime partner NHK. Each series features CuriosityStream's unique storytelling and NHK's industry-leading visual artistry to immerse viewers in a mind-expanding journey and shed new light on topics that have fascinated generations.

"CuriosityStream is committed to creating new experiences for our subscribers that send them on a deep dive into the most fascinating stories of our world, and NHK is the ideal partner to help deliver on that promise," said CuriosityStream CEO & President Clint Stinchcomb. "Viewers are in for a treat of mega proportions with Amazing Dinoworld, shedding new light on one of our most popular subjects. It's the perfect balance of Science and entertainment that CuriosityStream viewers crave."

The second and third collaborations with NHK, Dynamic Genomes and Livable Universe (w/t), are set to premiere on CuriosityStream in the coming months.

Amazing Dinoworld premieres October 17 on CuriosityStream. Visit to sign up for a 7-day free trial to watch that and thousands more films and series.

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