Brandy, Lorenzo Lamas Featured on Next OPRAH: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

Brandy, Lorenzo Lamas Featured on Next OPRAH: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

In an all-new episode of the popular series "Oprah: Where Are They Now?," Oprah Winfrey sits down for a one-on-one interview with Grammy-winning singer Brandy; plus updates with '80s heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas and the man many call 'The Human Ken Doll,' airing Sunday, August 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

In 1995, when singing sensation Brandy appeared on the "Oprah" show for the first time, she had a number one hit and a sold out tour with Boyz II Men. Now, nearly 20 years later, Oprah Winfrey sits down in a deeply personal and revealing interview with the Grammy-winning singer and actress, all grown up, to talk about everything from: the worst day in her life when she was involved in the car accident in which a woman was killed, to why she lied to Oprah on national television. Plus, Brandy talks about her brother Ray J, her nervous breakdown, about the personal loss of Whitney Houston and why working on her new album was so different this time. Then, '80s heartthrob and star of "Falcon Crest" and "Renegade," Lorenzo Lamas invites cameras into the Beverly Hills home he shares with his fifth wife and three of his teenaged daughters. He shares his passion for his new career in aviation as a helicopter pilot and gives a tour from high above Los Angeles of the beautiful Southern California coast. Plus, Justin Jedlica, who has been called by many "The Human Ken Doll," shows us inside his luxurious Trump Tower apartment and reveals why he has undergone more than 150 plastic surgeries, in an effort to achieve physical perfection. Plus, an update with the "Oprah" show guest whose husband committed suicide and left her more than half-a-million dollars in debt.

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EXCERPT: The "Big Fib" Brandy Told Oprah
OPRAH: I asked you if you were Married at the time and you said you were.
OPRAH: And why did you say that?
BRANDY: Because, you know, at that time being pregnant out of wedlock was not a trend. It was not something that people praised, you know. It was a sin. And I felt like I could not be honest about that. I felt the pressure of --
OPRAH: It's ok
BRANDY: I felt the pressure of, again, of having to be perfect. And I was scared. I thought that everything that I have worked hard for and everything that I worked to build. The image that I worked so hard to build was threatened. And I felt like having a child out of wedlock -
OPRAH: Would ruin that
BRANDY: My career and everything that I had built. And um, I'm really sorry for that. Cause I mean, you just don't lie to Oprah.
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EXCERPT: Lorenzo Lamas' High-Flying New Career
LORENZO: I work for Elite Helicopter Tours out of Van Nuys, California. I'm a tour pilot. Every day I am working on my aviation career, so that I don't have to think about working as an actor. You can't count on things happening if you're not in control of them happening. And I'm in control of things happening in my aviation career and I'm not in my acting career. So I love to act, but aviation is paying the bills now.
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EXCERPT: Why This Man is Called the "Human Ken Doll"
JUSTIN: When 20/20 called me the "Human Ken Doll" it was meant to be cute and catchy. I think of it in a comical way. I don't necessarily think I look like Ken. I never set out to look like a doll. But, all in all, the Ken Doll phenomenon for me has been a positive thing. It's something that's given me a new purpose and it looks as though it may give me a career. I can't really knock it. I will be called the "Human Ken Doll" forever.
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