BWW Recap: What Does the Foxtail Say on SCANDAL?

In the penultimate episode of Season Four, we finally discover what Foxtail is and get confirmation that Jake Ballard is going to be okay. But most importantly, Shonda Rhimes tackles yet another controversial issue and gives us the happy ending we could only wish for in the real world.

As Jake recovers at Olivia's, in the empty apartment next door, Huck and Quinn are "dealing" with Russell trying to get him to admit what "Foxtail" is which is the only word Olivia heard from Russell and Rowan's phone conversation. But Russell isn't talking. And Jake tells Olivia that he never will as they are basically the same person, except Russell isn't in love with her. (Swoon). Jake finally pays a visit to Russell and has a beer with him and the two trade war stories over working for Rowan. It is an odd bonding session as Russell tells Jake to keep Olivia safe, but does not reveal anything about Foxtail.

Mellie is still on the campaign trail and Elizabeth begs her to go to Springfield to get the women's vote there. Problem is, that is where Jerry died and Mellie really has no desire to revisit that place.

The Vice President pays a visit to a Navy ship and notices some bruises on a female officer. Convinced she was sexually assaulted, Susan turns to the President who tells her he cannot get involved in military proceedings. So she turns to the next best thing, Olivia Pope. Olivia goes on a crusade to prosecute Commander John Holloway of raping Ensign Amy Martin. When Amy finds out she's pregnant, she begs Olivia to get her off the ship. With the non-existent help of Amy's JAG lawyer, Virgil (Hey look, it's Trav, COUGARTOWN fans!) Olivia and Quinn are able to get Amy off the ship and get an abortion. Abby gets involved and is able to get from an unnamed source the security log on the night in question to prove the Commanders whereabouts. Olivia figures out that the Commanders Captain was covering for him while he raped Ensign Martin. Olivia is able to secure surveillance footage (hmmmm, wonder how) and the Commander confesses. I certainly wish Shonda Rhimes was writing the real life accounts of incidents like this.

As Mellie struggles with going to Springfield, she flat throws Elizabeth out of the room when she suggests doing a speech about Jerry to gain sympathy. Instead, Fitz offers her the advice he knows Olivia would giver her; throw her husband under the bus. And she does. She tells the crowd that Fitz didn't take enough action in the case of Ensign Amy Martin and as Senator, she would fight for action in Military Sexual Assault cases. The crowd loves her.

As Ensign Martin is reinstated, Quinn notices a photo of the JAG Lawyer "Virgil" and it is certainly not the guy they've been dealing with. Turns out he is also Command and he shows up at the apartment, takes out Huck (he's okay) and rescues Russell. And just as the episode comes to a close, Mellie is off to a meeting and we hear the Secret Service whisper her code name: Foxtail! And her meeting? It's with Rowan!

So I think it's safe to say that Mellie should stay the hell away from Springfield. Nothing good ever happens there. And now that she has a big old target on her back from Rowan, it's anybody's guess as to where next week's finale is going to torture us all summer. We can NOT lose Mellie or more to the point, Bellamy Young. But I can't see everybody surviving next week's finale.

Couple quick questions though: Is Olivia renting the apartment next door? No one from building management seems too concerned that it's empty or that the tenant is gone. Also, where's the first daughter? I feel like she would be doing a little campaigning with Mellie, no? Lastly, will next week's finale bring back the peripheral characters from this season? Huck's family? Cyrus' husband? Leo? Charlie? I don't know what Shonda has in store for us, but she rarely disappoints.

Lines I Loved:

  • Olivia - If I were you, I'd start talking, because what these two are gonna do to you is way worse than death.

  • David - Foxtail is obviously your father's way of stopping this Grand Jury from indicting him so if you find out that Foxtail means, say, "assassinate David Rosen," I'd really appreciate a heads up.

  • Abby - You're gonna ruin my day. You're gonna ruin the White House's Day, aren't you? Olivia - Yes, Abby. Yes I am.

  • Jake - Your father made Russell and he made me. We both came off the same assembly line, the only difference is that I'm in love with you. Command would call that a defect.

  • Fitz - The world is right, my job sucks.

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Here's a preview for next week's season finale:

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