BWW Recap: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is Home for the Holidays

Let's address one thing, if you are a resident of Mystic Falls ambiguously aged between 18-27, you should be getting on your knees and thanking the heavens that your parents are alive. It's much more shocking to have living relatives in a town of 20,000 10,000 5,000 5 people. Unfortunately for our favorite gang of vampires, witches, and supernatural beings galore, any death or terminal illness of a parent or relative is a heartbreaking shock that can only be remedied with bourbon and decorating Christmas tress.

This week's festive winter finale of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, entitled "Christmas Through Your Eyes," enabled our characters to spend Christmas time with their murderous brothers, their dying mothers, and in the 1994 parking lot of their high school.

Jo wasn't able to make her shirtless hugging date with Alaric as a terrible hit-and-run had just transpired at Hogwarts Whitmore. Jo couldn't fathom how so many students had been horribly injured because it wasn't like murderous vampires and witches lived near. Before she could deduce that something witchy was up, a bloodied Kai kidnapped his sister for a reunion.

In 1994 prison, Bonnie was spending it alone in the parking lot of the high school. She flashed back to simpler times and longer hair extensions when her, Elena, and Caroline were happy high school freshman and had no idea what a vampire or witch or traveler or hybrid or merperson was. Bonnie decorated her own, lonely Christmas tree while she remembered the good times of colorful Ugg boots and snowball fights.

Caroline was bummed she couldn't spend the holiday's in Mystic Falls, but Sheriff Forbes had driven the 10 minutes out of the way to spend it with her daughter in her dorm room, even inviting Stefan. Caroline was not impressed with her mothers surprise gift (maybe she would have more impressed if he had been shirtless with a bow on his abs), but Stefan was there to help decorate. The two bickered, but their continued argument over the state of their friendship would have to wait as Liz suddenly collapsed.

Damon and Elena were making googly eyes at one another and trying to find another way to bring Bonnie back. Elena was impressed with how much Damon cared for Bonnie. Instead of realizing that Kai was probably still in possession of another Ascendant, they rummaged through Alaric's old copies of Hogwarts, A History.

In the cemetery, Kai had tied up Jo with Liv and Luke at his heels. Instead of going around and exchanging Secret Santa gifts though, Liv and Luke procured Kai the only gift he needed: the knife with Jo's magic stored inside. He tried stabbing the magic into Jo, but with no luck. Liv and Luke argued over the morality of their actions. If they let Jo and Kai merge then they would not have to take part in the ceremony, but Luke's brainwashing saw the merging as a normal ceremony that needed to happen between him and Liv. Tyler was going to do anything to protect Liv and Luke was just going to have to go along with it.

At the hospital, Liz's health was fading. Elena compelled the doctors for updates and was saddled with the news that Liz was dying from a metastasized tumor. Stefan and Elena were devestated and one of them was going to have to break the news to Caroline.

Since stabbing the magic back into Jo wasn't working, Kai decided that a little familial encouragement would go a long way. He proceeded to absorb Liv's magic and torture her with it. Finally Jo gave in, allowing the magic from the blade to transfer back into her. She agreed to take part in the merge if it meant her younger siblings could live; she also believed she could beat Kai.

Back in Mystic Falls, Matt was desperate to kill Enzo. He recruited Jeremy to help trick him into taking Enzo hostage and Jeremy questioned his scruples. Matt had had enough of vampires, especially Enzo.

Damon had tried to apologize to his bestie, but Alaric wasn't having it. He was still majorly upset over the compulsion and only really cared about saving Jo, which made Damon just slightly jealous. But when Alaric was able to catch Kai, gun to his head, Jo pleaded with Alaric to spare him, as she needed Kai alive to go through with the merge. Instead, Alaric knocked Kai out and tied him to a grave right on the magical border.

Kai bought some time by bringing up some very valid questions about the border. For example, could vampires fly over Mystic Falls or would they die? In his game of 20 questions he realized that the border was full of magic for him to steal and because traveler magic was suddenly interchangeable with witch magic, Kai began to absorb all the magic placed in the border.

Matt was pulling a Tripp and driving Enzo over the border to finally rid of him. Except as Kai absorbed the magic, the border began to ease. Enzo was safe and free to take Matt hostage in return. Matt questioned why Enzo didn't just kill him, but Enzo nicely let Matt know he wasn't his enemy, Stefan was. Matt suggested that Enzo was jealous of Stefan and he agreed. Stefan was the lovable murderer and Enzo wanted the title to himself.

With Kai now more powerful than ever before, he was able to slip from his restraints, overpower Alaric and Damon, and take off with his magic-filled, skinny jean-wearing self.

Stefan had decided that he was going to break the news to Caroline. Caroline couldn't comprehend why her mother didn't tell her sooner of her tumor and asked if they could use vampire blood to help heal her, but Stefan refuted. Even chemo wasn't going to save Liz's life and the most they could do was sit by and make her comfortable.

With all supernatural beings free to return to his or her Mystic Falls dwellings, Damon was happy to be back home. He was even happier when Stefan returned with his restored car. Elena even stopped by to stand under the mistletoe, but Damon couldn't see anyone around. Kai appeared behind Elena, confessing he had cloaked her with magic, and knocked her out with a tire iron. Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, National Lemon Cupcake Day, and whatever else you celebrate, everyone!

Things we need to discuss:

- Can someone please give me a dossier on what vampire blood DOES cure?

- If Kai can absorb any kind of magic, does that mean he can absorb vampire powers since that's technically witch magic?

- I like how nonchalant Matt and Jeremy were when learning psychopathic Kai was roaming around Mystic Falls. I guess they just figured Damon was talking about himself, or Stefan, or Elena.

- Stefan was worried Jeremy had been sleeping in his bed but let's remember what Jeremy spent his summer doing. Might want to just throw out those sheets, Stefan.

- I was actually sad that Bonnie didn't return in the last seconds of the episode. It would have been a great ending and one Bonnie deserves.

Are you sad that Bonnie wasn't brought back from 1994? How many times has she listened to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? Will you also be celebrating National Lemon Cupcake Day? Comment below or tweet me @enr702 or find me live-tweeting @erinrlivetweets.

TVD returns January 22, 2015. Below, watch a promo for "Woke Up With a Monster":

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