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While there is some debate as to the exact origins of the group, most historians agree the the members of Ugly Duckling, Andy Cooper, Dizzy Dustin, and Young Einstein, first crossed paths in a small village just outside Jakarta in early 1927. Einstein, one of the world's most prominent relic hunters, had been in the area for months as part of a massive excavation effort aimed at uncovering artifacts from the 4th century Hindu kingdoms. One of just a handful of pilots considered skilled enough to handle the Boeing F2B, Dizzy was among a small group of American aviators who sought work flying precious cargo missions in Southeast Asia following the war. Andy had been in the area numerous times in the previous years while serving as a special agent for the armed forces under then president Calvin Coolidge and was thought by many in the miliatry to have been captured. Dizzy and Einstein were the first to meet. Einstein's excavation team needed a skilled pilot who they could trust to deliver rare artifacts back to their base in Nepal without encountering any colonial entanglements. When Dizzy's services were recommended by a fellow explorer, Einstein sent word for Diz to meet him in a local saloon just before sundown to discuss the details. A few months later, Einstein and Diz were at their usual rendezvous point planning the next mission when they noticed they were being watched by a stranger seated alone in the back corner of the saloon. Concerned that he may be a spy, they approached the stranger and questioned him as to his motives. "I'm in need of transportation," said Andy. "I understand you gentlemen know how to move through the world undetected." Convinced he wasn't a threat to their operation, they decided to help Andy escape. After helping Andy gain safe passage back to the West, the three agreed to meet in California later that year. Diz knew of a quiet beach town where they would leave the dangers of their past behind and try to find work in entertainment. Living in the shadow of Los Angeles, the trio was able to hone their skills and quietly develop the audacious and exciting style that would later bring them to the forefront of a burgeoning music scene. After years of circling the globe and cultivating a loyal fan base, the group continues to make classic hip hop records with the singular purpose of keeping alive the music they love. Their ability to thrive and stay fresh in an artform that has largely become stale can be attributed to an uncommon dedication to their craft. It remains to be seen if history will ever catch up to the incredible legacy that these brash adventurers have set forth.

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