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Zaythemusic And Jayywallin Release 'The Chosen Ones' EP


"The Chosen Ones" is a four-track project based around the idea of creating music that's inspiring and dynamic.

Zaythemusic And Jayywallin Release 'The Chosen Ones' EP

Collaboration is one of the most engaging and exciting processes in the music industry. There is nothing quite like watching how different musicians come together, mixing their styles and influences to create something new. Today's EP, "The Chosen Ones," is one such project, produced by New York-based Zaythemusic, featuring Jayywallin. We'll be giving it a closer look today.

"The Chosen Ones" is a four-track project based around the idea of creating music that's inspiring and dynamic. While that doesn't really tell us too much about what we're in for, it does give a rough idea of what to expect, that being something new and fresh that features exciting arrangements and a wide sound stage. So, let's start getting into the EP itself to see just what's up with it.

Starting off "The Chosen Ones" is the opening track, "Talk of the Town." I can say it makes a pretty solid first impression. Massive sound stages and a very soft guitar accentuate the song's spacey atmosphere; it's mildly seductive and incredibly smooth. It keeps things relatively calm and relaxed, making for a song that moves at its own pace.

As expected, the sound mixing and production on display here are practically flawless, and Jayywallin's vocal performance is catchy and fitting for the song's mood. It establishes exactly what the EP is all about in terms of its general sound and themes, and it definitely helps that it's just a solid tune.

After such a strong opener, we head into "Too Slimy," which carries a similar style to the previous track but ramps up the pacing just a bit. It keeps your attention, making for a cohesive listening experience. Quality production continues here, and Jayywallin gets across the more bitter emotions that the song evokes. Talented Lil Rekk is also seen in this track.

"Rainy Clouds" slows down things again, but also expands on the instrumentation and synths, adding a melancholic tinge to the song. As a song that's all about trying to press through hard times and struggles, it's an appropriate approach to take. Zaythemusic brings in some great vocal layering work here, giving the song a sense of depth that enhances the emotion.

Closing off the EP, we have "Don't Go," which actually incorporates some warmer elements through the use of a dreamy and echoing guitar. While it does carry with it some of that melancholic energy, it also plays things off a lot softer. Jayywallin also puts on his best performance on the EP here, and extra feature Kayy Gram contributes some killer verses to the tune.

"The Chosen Ones" is a fantastic EP, blending hip-hop and trap with some fantastic new ideas creating a fresh experience that you absolutely do not want to miss out on. There aren't a lot of EPs quite like this, so definitely give it a look if you're a fan of the genre.

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