World Will Turn Announces Release Of Bloodkin's Out Of State Plates Remixed And Remastered With Two Additional Tracks

The new release will be available on December 8, 2023.

By: Nov. 20, 2023
World Will Turn Announces Release Of Bloodkin's Out Of State Plates Remixed And Remastered With Two Additional Tracks

World Will Turn announces the release of Bloodkin's Out Of State Plates, remixed and remastered by David Barbe with two additional tracks, on December 8, 2023. Recorded 25 years ago and released on September 5, 1999, OOSP captures the promise of the young band coming into their own and includes songs that have become Southern anthems and are still included in set lists today.

In addition to Bloodkin co-founders Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter, the musicians include guest artists Michael Houser, John Hermann, and Todd Nance of Widespread Panic and Moe Tucker of Velvet Underground and Dave Blackmon.

The re-issue includes the bonus tracks “Morning Chrome” and “Sing About Love”, recorded during the 1997-98 OOSP recording sessions at Chase Park Transduction in Athens GA and remixed in 2020. Earlier versions of these tracks were only available as part of 2013's box set, One Long Hustle.

In the Spring of 2020 stuck at home due to the pandemic, David Barbe got the idea of revisiting Out Of State Plates. “I talked to Eric and Danny about it and we agreed that we loved the original, but why not take a shot? 23 years into owning Chase Park, I had better gear, more experience, and 23 years of having those songs embedded in my soul. It was pure joy to do it all again.

Pulling mixes together was as easy as catching up with an old friend with whom we can pick right back up where we left off. I got to hear our chatter between songs, inside jokes whose original impetus is lost to the sands of time, and to solo the tracks of our guests. Some of those guest tracks have become so much a part of the record to me that I had to look at the track sheets to see who played what.

Out of State Plates would not be what it is without their contributions. ‘Sing About Love' and ‘Morning Chrome' were not included on the original album and did not see the light of day until they were both part of the One Long Hustle box set (2013). When we were doing the 2020 mixes, none of us could remember why these were left off the original. They fit right in and are now back where they rightfully belong.”

Out of State Plates was the beginning of Bloodkin's long friendship and working relationship with Dave Barbe, who has produced 7 band albums and 3 Danny Hutchens solo albums since 1999. They most recently worked together on Black Market Tango, which was released in 2021, just 2 weeks before founder and lyricist Danny Hutchens died. With Out of State Plates, Barbe “expertly harnessed the promise Bloodkin had showed on its first two records and would essentially go on to become a non-performing member of the band.” (Paste Magazine)

OOSP was extraordinary for several reasons beyond the incredible guest artists that appeared and the successful collaboration with Barbe, it was also the first stable Bloodkin line-up, with bassist Paul “Crumpy” Edwards and drummer Bentley Rhodes joining Hutchens and Carter. That line-up toured and recorded together for several years.

And then there are the songs. “Wet Trombone Blues” was the first song co-written by Hutchens and Carter, penned while still in high school. The song has stayed in their live show set list over the years and has been covered by Widespread Panic.

“Who Do You Belong To” is another song that has become part of Widespread's repertoire and is beloved by their fans. Of the bonus songs, Eric Carter recalls, “'Sing About Love' I believe that was the first time I asked David to help me find a ‘Jimmy Page Sound'.” David Barbe remember, “Oh yeah. That harmonized guitar lick in the bridge.”

“Out of State Plates was Bloodkin's best album to date when it came out, full of humid, unmistakably Southern anthems like ‘Never In Vain,' ‘Lifer' and ‘Tennessee Williams'—songs as literate and original as they were thunderous and down-home.” – Paste Magazine

The re-mastered album includes all the same songs, but with the addition of the two outtakes, the songs are in a different order.

World Will Turn is the new label founded by Bloodkin's manager, Carison Stokes, who has a long history in the music business, along with Portland singer-songwriter Jerry Joseph and long-time friend and colleague Anthony Minter. This is the label's first release. 


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