Video: Sofi Vonn Releases Music Video For New Single 'Rumors'

Following "Rumors," stay tuned to Sofi’s socials below for updates from Sofi including new music as well as upcoming concerts. 

By: Jun. 05, 2023

London based New York born electronic pop singer-songwriter Sofi Vonn released her music video for her latest single “Rumors” last week.

This release follows the success of Sofi’s 2023 single “Afterglow” as well as her remix EP for previously released single “Famous,” which peaked at #6 on the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart, and featured remixes from producers Jochen Simms (Amanda Lepore, Carmen Electra) and Until Dawn (Ava Max).

Just last week McDonald's UK featured “Famous” on a recent TikTok video. The success of this remix EP follows the success of Sofi’s previously released singles “That’s When I Knew” “Older” “Famous” and “Songs”, all of which have surpassed 100k+ streams on Spotify. Sofi’s deep lyrics and light melodies create a set of contradictions that somehow fit together perfectly to tell a relatable narrative of youth.

With her exceptional voice, she deftly expresses emotions and opinions on society, love, sexuality, and all of the other things that everyone goes through. Vonn’s music draws from her personal experiences which have taken her across the world and back several times. Unlike many pop singers, Vonn writes all of her own material.

A vibrant storyteller, her depth of feeling and love for her craft is evident in every track. Her warm and powerful voice is the perfect means for conveying her lyrics, which are at once introspective yet universal.

When asked about her new music video for “Rumors,” Sofi said, “I had so much fun making this video. I worked with, an all-female video production company based in London who focus on music videos for female-identifying artists. The goal was to make a fun edgy video, focusing less on a storyline through featuring several outfits and locations.

They made the planning and filming stress-free, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I think the retro visuals really complement the soft pop sound of the song. It also felt right working with a team of girls since the song is sort of an anthem about entitled straight men delegitimizing LGBTQ+ women.”

Born and raised in New York City to German parents, Sofi grew up in the artistic driven West Village neighborhood drawing musical influence from a variety of different backgrounds which has given her the freedom to come up with an artistic style that is uniquely her own.  

Following High School in Zürich, Switzerland, Sofi took a break from music and attended Tulane University in New Orleans where she earned a degree in psychology (with a German minor), but as fate would have it, she was brought back to music when she studied abroad in Berlin, Germany for a year. “I loved Berlin, so I moved back there after I graduated from college - and that’s how I got into techno and DJing.”  

Besides DJing at a festival, she also studied sound engineering for a bit before finally landing a full-time job with the BMG record label, which brought Vonn back to her hometown of New York City. Her work at the label taught her marketing skills that she then used to help her advance her DJ career at night. She became an in-demand house and techno DJ, booking numerous shows around the city for the next two years.

Sofi finished out 2022 graduating from the highly prestigious Goldsmiths, University of London with a master’s degree in Popular Music. Since then Sofi has been hitting the road across the UK performing solo dates around London as well as school tours performing for the youth around the UK, in the buildup to some exciting festivals coming up this summer.

Throughout Sofi’s career, she used every asset at her disposal to learn about the business of music, whether that be her time as DJ, working at a record label or her master’s degree, but no recourse has been better than the powerful ally she has in renowned music executive Charlie Walk (who helped launch the careers of Lorde, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd, among many others).  

Impressed with Vonn’s voice and writing, Walk immediately offered to mentor Sofi, bringing her into his prestigious Music Mastery program in 2021. With everything in place Sofi Vonn is continuing on her rise to success with the release of her latest single “Rumor”, so stay tuned to Sofi’s socials below for updates from Sofi including new music as well as upcoming concerts. 

Sofi Vonn Tour Dates:

July 15th -  Torpe Hesley, UK - M1 Festival Yorkshire  2023

July 21st -  Bethlehem, UK – Welshstock Festival 2023

August 25th- 27th – Clane, Ireland -  The Playing Fields Festival 2023


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