Sarantos Releases Pop Love Song for Summer 'Easy to Believe'

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Sarantos Releases A Pop Love Song for the Summer "Easy To believe" because sometimes love is easy, real and carefree.

Sarantos started off the summer with a funky Top 40 Pop Song last month and follows that up with a cool new summer pop song this month. Some fans have wondered when a happy love song is going to be released that is infectious and positive. Well fear not, sometimes love is easy, real and carefree. This song makes it easy to believe in love.

The song leads fans towards the reality that true love does sometimes in fact truly exist but the lyrics are a bit ambiguous. Is love easy? Is it easy to believe in love or does love inspire a false sense of belief? Sarantos plays with the lyrics in such a way that this song can possibly be interpreted at both opposite ends of the spectrum.

Sarantos continues a unique journey. There are many around the world that are in love, from a first date, to infatuation to real passion and fire. Wedding bells ring around the world but so do the broken hearts and promises of a belief in a lover that didn't pan out as expected. Sarantos leaves it to one's imagination and the song is open to interpretation.

"This song is all about the basic human emotion of love," says Sarantos. "Love is easy and carefree. Love is real! If and when one finds true love, my advice to you is to hold onto it and cherish it because many people have never experienced what you are now feeling. Love is made up of moments that are easy to believe. Love is real. Everyone deserves to be in love. It will shape you for the rest of your existence."

Sarantos won the Akademia LA Music Awards in 2015 for Best Song (What If I Never See You Again), Best Rock Music Video (We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve), Best Singer/Songwriter Song (A Mission Of Heart) & Best Pop Rock Album (Not Where I Wanna Be).

Sarantos was nominated in 2014 for the International Music & Entertainments Awards for "Rock Song of the Year" and "Pop Album of the Year" and also for the Hollywood Songwriting Awards for Best Unsigned Song (Are You Sure You Can Last).

Even without a label or radio promoters, Sarantos song "What If I Never See You Again" is still in the top 200 on the majors list in the US for radio airplay according to the Digital Radio Tracker Top 200 charts for the week ending in 7-1-15. On the independent charts, Sarantos is still in the top 10. It's been on both these lists since early April.

33% of any music-related sales profits from this song are going straight to DuPage Pads.

Dupage Pads is about the journey from dependency to self-sufficiency. Not the shelter. Not the nights spent in a car, in a motel room or on the street. DuPage Pads is a journey that begins with an extended hand, an affirming voice, and a trusting soul that will advocate undividedly for each individual. The solution to end homelessness starts with housing.

With recorded hits and new tunes waiting to be released every single month until the day he dies, Sarantos' music screams success and stimulates an overdue conversation in the changing music industry. Sarantos' loyal music fans continue to show their support by proudly showing off Sarantos merchandise and staying tuned into Sarantos' daily down-to-earth and very real social media revelations. His songs are being broadcast every day on various radios stations around the world. Sarantos continues to do interviews around the world every single week and fans can listen in to some of them on his YouTube page. Let's not forget his funny, sarcastic, witty and genuine music videos that leave his fans not knowing what to expect next.

There will be plenty of continued buzz throughout the year as Sarantos strives to release something for his fans every single week. Every year until the day he dies, Sarantos will release a new song on the 1st Tuesday of every month, a new music video on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, a chapter from his fiction/fantasy book on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, and a new Whiteboard video on the 4th Tuesday of every month. A new CD will then be released every November.

Sarantos has been writing lyrics since 4th grade and is passionate about the words he puts to the music. Music was always in his blood. Music was always a passion and much more than a hobby. Sarantos has written over 2,000 songs. Having undergone several personal challenges with Sarantos' father passing away four years ago after a long hard-fought battle with lung cancer, dealing with personal health issues like asthma and allergies which affected his singing style, going thru life's ups and downs, the timing was finally right. And so it began. Sarantos' main motivation remains, however, to raise money for charity.

33% of any music related sales are going straight to charity.

Sarantos has always been inclined to help people in need and is proud to launch his music as a way to donate a portion of proceeds to charity, hopefully inspiring other artists to do the same. Just a few of the charities chosen so far include the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Make-a-Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, St Jude's, Hellenic Academy, American Red Cross, Salvaton Army, Children's Hospital of Chicago...

The website, Melogia (which in Greek means "with words") was established by Sarantos, an aspiring singer and song writer.

*Because Sarantos wants his music shared throughout the world, fans can always find all of his songs, lyric sheets, videos and books on his website for free at He openly gives everyone the right to share his song mp3s for free with anyone they want via email or any of the social media platforms.

Sarantos Mission or Goal:

"My goal when you listen to one of my songs is very simple. I want you to feel the need to:
-Dance or move to the groove
-Play the song over and over again"

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