Lon Van Eaton Announces LIVIES Live Show

Last year, owing to the CD release Come and Get It: the Best of Apple Records, Beatles' fans and the music-buying public has finally gotten reacquainted with the name of Lon Van Eaton.  In 1971, Lon and his brother Derrek had formed a singing duo in their native New Jersey, when they were signed to The Beatles' Apple Records and recorded an album called Brother (1973).  The album (the first-ever CD compilation of several artists signed to The Beatles' Apple label)  finds Lon & Derrek in good company, including Apple-singles from James Taylor, Mary Hopkin, Billy Preston, and Badfinger, with their track "Sweet Music."  Concurrent with that release, Lon Van Eaton announced plans for a new interactive entertainment show called Livies   - Live Interactive Visual Immersion Entertainment Shows. The production features all original music and rear-and-front projected images on three domes; much akin to the ones featured on the new Paula Abdul show called Live To Dance.
With the domes constructed as standalone surround-sound environments, the LIVIESTM concept will meld sight and sound with live performances and stop-action-video projection screens.  In a way, it follows the path that The Beatles' highly-acclaimed Cirque du Soleil show, Love, has taken, which has been a trailblazing success in Las Vegas.
Van Eaton has assembled his initial production team and will formally announce them next week; among them, several theater-oriented professionals and music-industry kingpins.
"Imagine a theatre of breathtaking high definition images immersed in surround sound.  A theatre where live performances and film are projected onto awe-inspiring high def virtual realities.  This is LIVIESTM Digital Theatre...and you don't have to imagine it.  It is here:  The first ever Live Interactive Visual Immersion Environmental Shows!  LIVIESTM is a new transformational entertainment delivery system of unprecedented proportions.  LIVIESTM truly immerses the audience in a 360º panoramic field that transports them into a dazzling new world."
Van Eaton is also bullish on the original music that will accompany each segment of the show. "I've already written the music and we've generated a list of possible artists for each song. We've already approached several of them and have already gotten several commitments.  I think the list is pretty interesting and we'll release that information once we've locked in a label-deal. Business-wise, for a label to distribute the soundtrack I think will be a win-win situation." He is meeting with the labels next month.
While Van Eaton won't yet reference the venues that he has in mind,  he promises some surprises to that end as well. "The show is certainly applicable to Las Vegas, but the beauty of it is that we can set it up and perform it almost anywhere. Considering the wealth of talent that has appeared in Las Vegas, we'd be honored to be there."
According to Lon, "LIVIESTM follows the path of Cirque du Soleil and the first show utilizing this new technology is The Dance of Life. The Dance of Life is an epic story, delightfully humorous, beguiling and whimsical, yet portraying a poignantly serious message to bring the awareness of the need to take action to protect our world from further harm. "My musical score for The Dance of Life, the exciting new environmental tale was heard by Joseph Eger, author of Einstein's Violin and creator of the Symphony for United Nations. As a result I became a delegate to the United Nations.""There is no precedent to compare with The Dance of Life," he claims.  "We're all in it!  It is an original, fresh, sometimes provocative, imaginative and vibrant journey. Not only is it in tune with the times, it inspires the times and invites the mind and heart to participate in a quantum journey.  This fantastical musical is a celebration of life and joyous possibility."
According to Van Eaton, "I have been truly blessed with three wishes. The first was when I wished for being with The Beatles after our album on CBS/SONY (Jacob's Creek).  Then, I moved to Denver to do non-profit recordings and events inspired by George's Concert for Bangladesh.  The next one is LIVIESTM!" 

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