Doug Kershaw Unreleased Demos & Recordings to be Featured on New 2-Disc Anthology

Known worldwide as one of the most important figures in Cajun music, a renowned multi-instrumentalist, master of the fiddle and accordion, distinctive vocalist, and a highly prolific songwriter, Doug Kershaw has spent most of his career mining the rich musical traditions of his home state of Louisiana, from zydeco to Creole-influence country and folk. Now he looks back on his own illustrious career, all the way back to his days performing as a duo with his brother Rusty in the 1950s, though the early years of his budding solo career, and digs up a stunning collection of more than 50 vintage studio recordings and demos. These never-before-released gems will be available to music fans worldwide on February 5 as Anthology - Rare Masters 1958-1969, a superb 2CD set courtesy of Goldenlane Records.

This treasure trove of an album is split between full band demos (comprising Disc 1) and guitar demos (comprising Disc 2), both showcasing not only an amazing vocal and musical dexterity but also a stunning, frequently moving songwriting talent. Often built around a clever, affecting turn of phrase (see "Shake Hands & Come Out Crying," "I Wish I Had Died As A Baby," or "It Takes All Day To Get Over Night"), Kershaw's music may have roots in a specific region but his lyrics speak to the most universal themes of love, family, and good ol' fashioned human misery. Kershaw's own enthusiasm for the songs contained herein has not been diminished at all by the passing years. "I am so proud of this compilation," Kershaw declares, "It's like exposing my life to the world. I am who I am because you the people allowed me to be!" With an endorsement like that, no self-respecting Kershaw fan will be able to pass this one up!

Track List:


1. Big Mighty Man

2. Didn't You Hear Me

3. Fais Do Do

4. Two Out Of Three

5. Mary Lou

6. Among Other Things

7. Do Me Right Now

8. A Victim Of Love Gone Wrong

9. Hardly Anymore

10. Give Me Some Girl

11. Am I Lonely Tonight

12. Except

13. Shake Hands & Come Out Crying

14. Pride Versus Love

15. I Can't Love That Way

16. It Takes All Day To Get Over Night

17. I'm Just A Man Called Sam

18. Before I Start Over

19. Baby's Gone

20. Ain't Going To Get Me Down

21. Contract For Misery

22. Around & Around

23. Hollywood to Memphis

24. Future Of Love

25. I Can't See Myself


1. Love's Enemy

2. I'm Going To Get Drunk

3. If You're Not Going To Love Me That's Alright

4. This Is Our Chance

5. Love Bird

6. There's A Wall Being Built

7. Mine Is A Lonely Heart

8. That's What Hurts The Most

9. Misery's All Gone

10. I Wish I Had Died As A Baby

11. A Ring For My Darlin'

12. Our Love Affair Came Tumbling Down

13. Son Of A Gun

14. My Mind's In A Fog

15. Just Hurting Me

16. My Memory Of You

17. That's Alright With Me

18. Mannequin Woman

19. This Is The Strangest Love I've Ever Seen

20. That Far Away Look In Your Eyes

21. Pay No Attention

22. This Is The House That I Live In

23. That's Too Bad About The Summer Night

24. There's No Better Way

25. Louisiana Sun

26. Little Bo Peep

27. Rosie Come Take Me Home

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