Will McClinton Releases LINEAGE

Will McClinton Releases LINEAGE

In "Lineage: The Descendants" (published by Xlibris), author Will McClinton delivers a mysterious, suspenseful novel that explores religious and political themes in the context of power, greed, and the paranormal.

Blending supernatural elements, conspiracy theories, and historical fiction, "Lineage" follows two best friends who become seduced by a mysterious coven with unimaginable, ancient powers and must uncover their family history in order to protect their - and humanity's - future.

Inspired by the current political climate, McClinton's characters uncover the seedy underbelly of politics and organized religion to discover overwhelming depravity that spans five millennia and multiple exotic locations across the globe proving that "no one is immune to the corruption of money and politics," he says.

A cautious tale of innocence and vulnerability, McClinton explores how naiveté is ultimately ignorance and that power can only be acquired by learning your family lineage. Otherwise, the weak are doomed to be seduced by the strong.

"There will always be cruel people out there feeding on the misfortunes of others," McClinton says.

About the Book
"Lineage: The Descendants"
By Will McClinton
ISBN: 978-1-46919-031-0 (softcover)
Hardcover: $26.99
Softcover: $18.99
E-book: $3.99

About the Author
Will McClinton is a registered nurse who lives in Rochester, New York. "Lineage: The Descendants" is his debut novel and the first in a planned series.