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The Legend Of The Christmas Pickle Comes To Life In A New Classic

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The Legend Of The Christmas Pickle Comes To Life In A New Classic

Follow Pennie Pickle on her journey to become the beloved Christmas Pickle. Pennie, the Christmas Pickle is a hardback, 32-page beautifully illustrated children's book that takes Pennie Pickle from her infant cucumber stage all the way to becoming the magical Christmas Pickle, a tradition created in the early 19th century that grants good fortune to the finder of this ornament. Pennie's story is that of a young girl overcoming ridicule and bullying to show us that we can all follow our dreams to achieve our goals.

"I revisited an old Christmas tradition of hanging a pickle ornament in the tree and brought the legend to life in a children's book," explains author Tony Marini.

"Don't let the words children's book stop anyone from reading it. It really is a story for young and old alike," Marini further explains. "It doesn't matter if you're three years old or 98 years old. This book will delight families for generations to come."

The colorful pages and exquisite drawings were created by illustrator Tom Paul Fox of Arizona. "I wanted to illustrate a vibrant children's book that is destined to become a classic in everyone's home," explains Fox. "When I created Pennie Pickle, I wanted to make sure that she was over-the-top cute and that each page would bring a smile to everyone that reads it."

The traditional book is presented in large 8.5" x11" format that is easy to read and handle. "It's a timeless story," explains Marini. "I wanted to write a children's book that brings us back to the days when we could relax and read a book to a child with simple rhyme and melodic sound. Although this is a Christmas book, the message holds true throughout the year," Marini further explains. "It's also a story about overcoming ridicule and believing that we can all follow our dreams and achieve our goals no matter how difficult they may seem."

There is also a beautifully mastered song available. "When I was developing the music behind Pennie, I wanted to make sure that it was reminiscent of classic Christmas songs we all heard growing up," explains Mike Hartigan of Hartigan Music in Chicago. "I think we created a new Christmas standard that is catchy and pairs well with the book."

The recording of Pennie, the Christmas Pickle is sung by Casey McDonough featuring Sweet Pepprika, and can be downloaded or streamed on your favorite music site, and YouTube.

The book is packed with other activities including award-winning, kid-friendly holiday recipes and an opportunity to create your own Pennie Pickle ornament. It also includes sheet music of Pennie's song, which makes for easy caroling or singing around the piano.

Pennie, the Christmas Pickle is sure to become a new tradition in family Christmases to come. For more information on Pennie, the Christmas Pickle, visit Pennie on her website at:

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