The First Book from Author Elle Grey Will be Available August 24th

Author Elle Grey is pleased to announce the release of her first story WORDS to the public. This wonderful story focuses on teaching children that the words we use can not only hurt others but they can also hurt themselves. WORDS will be available on August 24, 2017 through Amazon as well as the Elle Grey Stories website

WORDS is the first story written by the author, illustrated with vivid colors and will keep your child engaged at every turn of the page. It shows that when we use words to hurt others, we then attract negativity back to ourselves! It even reminds our kids to choose kindness, not just when talking to others, but also when they talk to themselves!

"Some words are nice and others have teeth... And when you use those, you can cause others grief!" - excerpt from the story, WORDS

This is the first story of thirty-nine stories to be released over the coming months. These thirty-nine stories make up four collections that each tackle various subject matters that might be difficult for parents to discuss with their young children.

The first release of WORDS will be followed by eight additional stories as a part of The Growing Collection. Books such as UnIque and PEER PRESSURE will be a part of this collection for our kids as they go down their path of life...stories about real challenges our children will face.

About Elle Grey

Elle Grey is a mother of three; two boys all grown up and a three-year-old daughter. "While I knew her father would raise her to be an amazing human being... I just couldn't bear the thought of not being there to teach and guide her. At the very least, I had to tell her what to be wary of in life so she could stay safe, should something ever happen to me while she was still young." explains Elle Grey. "While writing these stories, the thought of them ever leaving the walls of my home never occurred to me, but perhaps that was how it was meant to be. Maybe if I'd known they'd be shared, maybe, just maybe I would have written them differently. They weren't written to be edited, published or shared and I think that's why you can feel so much love in them. They were simply words from the heart, preparing a child for the world without her mother. Looking back, I think that's what has made them so powerful. From the deepest place love can live, came these words, and I'm thrilled to be sharing them! If they can help even one family or one child beyond my own-I'd bare my heart and soul for that chance every time!"

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