Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge is Back Again in the U.S. for 2018: Willy Wonka is Looking for Five New Lucky Golden Ticket Winners

NEW YORK, Jan. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Have you ever wondered what a child's idea might look like if it was turned into a theatrical creation, a toy design, a short story e-book, a candy, or even a Minecraft world?

"In your wildest dreams you could not imagine that such things would happen to you!" says Willy Wonka in Roald Dahl's global bestseller, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was famously adapted into the 1971 film classic, "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and also became a Broadway musical, "Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," which begins its U.S. tour this September.

Mr. Wonka is once again opening his gates and is looking for children from across the United States who will become 5 new lucky golden ticket winners!

On January 29th, the Roald Dahl Story Company, Penguin Young Readers, and Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures, in conjunction with Langley Park Productions and Neal Street Productions, kick off Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge starring Willy Wonka himself. This imagination contest asks kids and their teachers not to imagine small, but to imaginormous as Willy Wonka embarks on a new hunt for inventive story ideas from smart, imaginative and creative children from across the United States. Five new Golden Ticket Winners must be found and will be rewarded beyond their wildest imaginations.

Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge will grant the five Golden Ticket winners a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to "wonka-fy" their story ideas in one of the following 5 spectacular ways:

  • 1. Theatrical Creation
    "Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" the new musical on tour, will turn one winning story idea into a marvelous, theatrical creation with the help of the choreography team and a member of the cast!

  • 2. A Hollywood Dream
    One winner and their parent/guardian will be flown to Hollywood to work with the creative team at Warner Bros. Consumer Products to inspire a new toy design!

  • 3. An Immersive Minecraft World
    A team of Minecraft builders and Youtube creator "Stacyplays" will transform and reimagine the winning story idea into a playable Minecraft experience for the winner and the world to download and enjoy.

  • 4. Become an Author
    Actor, producer, director and author Henry Winkler and writing partner Lin Oliver (for the Here's Hank series), will work with one story winner to turn their idea into their very own short story e-book.

  • 5. A Candy Creation
    Following in Willy Wonka's footsteps and with the help of Dylan's Candy Bar, one winner's idea will be turned into a magical, edible candy creation!

"I am preparing other surprises that are even more marvelous and more fantastic for you and for all my beloved Golden Ticket holders mystic and marvelous surprises that will entrance, delight, intrigue, astonish, and perplex you beyond measure." Willy Wonka

Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge is all about inspiring imaginative story ideas in children 5 to 12 years of age and marks a major investment from the Roald Dahl Story Company in the future of children's imaginations here in the U.S. Recurring annually, the challenge aims to capture a million story ideas from children across America by 2020. The challenge is sponsored by Penguin Young Readers.

There are also special Wonka-approved teaching resources aligned with the U.S. curriculum that will help spark ideas in class which can be downloaded at Teachers will also have the chance to win a Roald Dahl library for their schools!

All it takes is 100 words or fewer to enter! Go tohttp://www.imaginormouschallenge.comtoday to find out more.


No idea is too crazy! Don't imagine smallimaginormous.

"This is terrific! Now the fun is really going to start! But we mustn't dilly! We mustn't dally!"Willy Wonka


Go tohttp://www.imaginormouschallenge.comto find out more and get ready to enter from January 29th through May 1st! Visit all terms and conditions. RDSC 2018

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